Silk Worm Project – Lil P in her 1st standard.

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silk worm lifecycle

Lil P had to submit a science project on an insect and speak about it.. We decided to make a Lifecycle of a silkworm project. Here’s what we made.. We used felt sheets in green to make the leaves.. pipe cleaners to make the caterpillar.. an then garlic skin to make wings of the moth. Prrethi gave some raw silk and cocoons for the project. Here’s what Lil P and her friend R spoke.

I’m R and I will be talking about the life cycle of a
Silk Worm.

  1. First the female moth lays eggs. Then eggs hatches and caterpillar comes out.
  2. Caterpillar eats the mulberry leaves and grows bigger.
  3. Caterpillar spins a cocoon. Inside, the caterpillar changes into a PUPA
  4. Pupa comes out as a moth. The adult moth again lays eggs and the cycle goes on and on.
  5. The raw silk is extracted from the cocoon and is used to make silk clothes.

Hi, I’mLil P . Now I’ll tell you 5 fun facts about Silk

  1. Silk was discovered five thousand years ago in China.
  2. It takes two days for a caterpillar to make a cocoon.
  3. Adult moth can lay three hundred to five hundred eggs.
  4. Silk worms are no longer found in the wild.
  5. Silk production is known as Seri – Culture.

and they sand a small song

I am a silkworm .
Brown and white.
I like to eat leaves
All day and night.
I spin a silk thread
into a cocoon.
I am a silk worm
Please feed me soon!
Thank you!
The teachers loved it 
PS: this was in the drafts from a long time. Publishing it now

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