Fostering Creativity At Home – Free Starter Guide for Parents

Teaching art at home to our kids is quite different from teaching 15 kids in a classroom. It means you have more flexibility and freedom to create art when and how you want. It also means as a parent, you are bombarded with too much choice and too many Pinterest worthy projects that can confuse you.

I’ve taught art in workshops and in classrooms but what I love the most is my art session with my daughter around my dining room table!

But it was not always the case, when she was three, my daughter refused to do any art or craft activity with me. She had decided that she didn’t like art anymore!

But I was not convinced, I just had to keep trying until we found an activity that she liked. And then the thought hit me …

What if we approached art like we approach reading, or math, or music? What if we actually taught kids how to draw things realistically? What if we knew which materials are perfect for what age and how to foster creativity at home.

The Artsy Craftsy – Starter Guide is all you need to get started on your journey…

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My FREE Fostering Creativity at home – Starter Guide will help you choose engaging, age-appropriate crafts, handle messes better, and plan for fun creative activities

This 22-page guide leads you through some common concerns & questions that all parents have –

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From why art & craft is important for kids, to setting up a creative space at home, handling messes like a pro, encouraging them to be creative, buying materials for your first Art / Craft Box,  finding a range of engaging activities to making time and planning better.


The guide also includes a Weekly Planner that you can print and fill your week with activities that help you nurture your child’s interests & creativity.

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