Surprise baby shower for Swati

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So the ladies schemed up a surprise baby shower for the radiant mom to be – Swati
Much scheming happened in the background where Swati was made to call Abha for a visit to their house to pick up the car seat. Abha and family very sweetly opened up their house to us crazy ladies. Swati looked suitably surprised and we actually managed to scare poor Aryan when we screamed “Surprise” in unison.

The food was yummy.. Green pasta & red pasta by Rashmi, Peas Pulav by Saj, Muffins by starry, Ang got the Chips n dip , juice, raita, sabji by preeti, Sandwiches by Abha, Chutney by poppy, and cocoa cake by Mon..

IMG 2071


IMG 2072

There were lots of gifts for the lil 1 and big bro Aryan. We hung the card with all our handwritten wishes in it on the wall

IMG 2065


Then there were fun games too –
Pin The  Baby On The Mommy – Kids n Swati were blindfolded and given a pen in their hands. The one who gets it closest of the tummy, wins. And For kids..match the baby animal to its mother. like kangaroo-joey etc. Just laughed and laughed and everyone was in such high spirits..  It was an amazing day.

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  1. Nice round up MM ! It was so much fun ! Loved it loved it and loved words can express !

    Your card is just too awesome …I have been looking at it day and night and Aryan loves it most !