Thermocol decor craft

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Aruna Manikandan sent this lovely craft that she made. She’s a non blogger, so people, please welcome her on board! Presenting

Thermocol decor craft



For this craft you need

  • Rectangular shaped thermocol
  • Water color,
  • Paper cup,
  • Few pins,
  • Some decorative items.
  • Few artificial flowers.




  • Colour the thermocol and Allow it to dry,
  • Then take a paper cup , cut it half and fix it to the thermocol using pins. Along its corners.
  • Then paint the paper cup
  • Arrange the flowers in the cup, and decorate the cup and the thermocol.

Thank you Aruna.

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  1. Very beautiful and simple,am going to try for sure,i have already colored one sheet of thermocol and struck as how to proceed,now i will use this idea.

  2. This is beautiful! My art teacher back home, also goes by the name Aruna! I guess all Aruna’s are really creative 🙂 Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing.

  3. That’s a fabulous idea, I am searching for a lot of such stuff to keep my eight year old occupied this summer. Thanks Aruna for this one.