DIY AMONG US Craft using Cardboard Rolls

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Are you an Among Us fan? Then you’ll love our DIY AMONG US Craft made using Cardboard Rolls or TP rolls. 

Over the years I have made crafts that are themes based on my daughter’s interests. With Among Us so popular right now, I thought a DIY AMONG US Craft was in order.

Why TP Rolls? PS – I use Kitchen rolls! We love crafting with TP Rolls.. they are plentiful, pretty much EVERYONE has them.. and cardboard rolls are surprisingly versatile! They are also free. 

Among Us Crewmate Craft 7 10

What is Among Us?

Among Us seems to be the latest and greatest craze for online games among our kids and even adults. In 2018, the online multiplayer murder-mystery game Among Us was released by InnerSloth for Android and iOS. 

What are the rules of the Among Us Game?

Among Us is an online social deduction game where you play as a crewmate aboard a spaceship, sky headquarters, or planet base, attempting to keep your ship together and return back to Earth. Additionally, there are up to 3 impostors aboard with the main goal of sabotaging the ship and killing off crewmates while trying to blend in.

Crewmates must try to stay alive and correctly identify the impostor(s). Crewmates win the game when they correctly identify all impostors among them. Conversely, the victory goes to the impostors if they’ve managed to kill off enough crewmates without being detected.

One major benefit of Among Us is the ability to seamlessly play with people across different devices, making it easy to jump into a game with friends or strangers.

Now that we understand these colorful Teletubby-like figures clad in spacesuits, let’s make them! 

DIY AMONG US Craft using Cardboard Rolls

Among Us Crewmate Craft Insta 1

Supplies needed to make the TP Roll DIY AMONG US Craft:

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 1

  • Cardboard Roll, Craft Roll or a TP Roll
  • Colored Papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker
  • Colored markers
  • White Pen

Step By Step instructions to make the TP Roll DIY AMONG US Craft:

Start by cutting a TP roll into a 6-inch cylinder. Press it to make it slightly flat. Using a scissor, make rounded corners at the top. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 2

The next step is to cut out some legs. You can make rounded corners again or leave as is. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 3

Cut colored paper long enough to go around the toilet paper roll one time and about 1″ wider than the paper roll, on one side. Apply glue on a small portion, on the “wrong side” of the colored paper, and start wrapping it around the toilet paper roll, leaving the 1-inch edge open.

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 4

Carefully cut out the top and bottom of the extra edge to leave a smaller rectangle at the center of the TP roll. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 5

Gently press the extra colored paper on the top inside the roll, until all paper is nicely tucked in and glued to the tube at the top end.

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 6

Roll the 1-inch bit inwards to form the crew member’s backpack. Cut a small oval in blue that will form the space goggles. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 7

Using a black marker, carefully go over the edge of the Among us Crewmember, it’s backpack & the visor as shown.

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 8

Optionally, shade parts of the spacesuit & space goggles using markers in a darker shade than the paper. Add a highlight using a white marker. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 9

The game Among Us is a colorful game and it allows the players to customize their avatar. The list of colors available for the crew members are given below:

List of colors in Among Us

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Lime green

We decided to make Red, Cyan & Yellow Among Us Crewmates. 
Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 10


Skins, Hats, and Pets for the Among us Crewmates

The characters are a variety of colors and wear space goggles and a backpack. In the game, you can add on goofy hats. Cosmetics are items in Among Us used to customize characters. The three types of cosmetics are hats, skins, and pets. Hats are worn on players’ heads, skins are worn on their bodies, and pets follow them around.

I made a Dum sticky note, a crown, an egg hat & a plant hat! There are so many fun hats that you could try including Christmas-themed ones. Check out the whole list on the Among Us fandom page 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Step 11

I can’t wait to make more hats and pets – cowboy hat, hockey mask, toilet plunger, party hat, chef’s hat, post-it note, toilet paper roll, banana, pumpkin top, etc. But that’s a post for another day!

Make Among Us Crewmates using Play-Doh

My daughter made these adorable characters using Play-Doh which I shared on Instagram


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Shruti Acharya (Bhat) (@artsycraftsymom)

Make Among Us Corner Bookmarks – Via RedTedArt

among us 1


Liked our Among Us TP Roll craft? Be sure to pin this image to Pinterest. 

Among Us Craft using TP Roll Pin 1

There they are adorable little Imposters and Crewmates for the kids to play with. So have you heard of this latest gaming trend? And what do you think of this craft? 


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