#UnshareMyFries with McDonald’s

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Being a mom to a demanding 8 year old & managing a full time job , the blog, my photography assignments all leave me with no time to  actually go do something for myself.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard my husband say this to me a million times!  “Get out more! Have some fun” ..

Yes, I could take a walk, Go shopping, or drive around looking at billboards, but it’s likely that I’ll just be missing being at home. No, probably what I needed was to go out and meet some people, to be a little bit more social.

So when I got a call to come try their new Piri Piri – Shake Shake fries, I decided to let my hair down and pulled my gang of Office girl friends along to finally have some FUN!!!  This was a part of #UnshareMyFries  Campaign – World’s Largest FastFood Chain McDonalds is relaunching its delicious Piri Piri Fries in Bangalore! And to make things exciting, they have created the#UnshareMyFries game where Bangaloreans share their their best and wackiest excuses not to share their ‘Piripirilicious’ fries to win a one-month free supply of Piri Piri fries!

#UnshareMyFries with McDonald


Piri Piri is a spice mix that has its origins from the 16th Century and is also called African bird’s eye chili. Pronounced pee-ree pee-ree, the word translates to “pepper pepper. The irresistible combination of spicy Piri Piri mix with our favorite French Fries got my whole group all excited…

UnshareMyFries-9614 (2)

We ordered coke, burgers & even a happy meal ( Grownups love toys too!! )  and extra fries with piri piri for everyone..

And it was a good thing too, Cos nobody wanted to share their piri piri fries, once they had one!


We came up with absurd reasons to not share our fries

“My Manager asked me to be a better Individual Performer – So that means taking credit for my stuff. No sharing”

“Because its mine!! And I don’t share what’s mine” 

“Huh! you were saying?? “

“I woke up in a good mood and don’t want to ruin it by sharing!”

Much fun and laughter ensured… Taking this midday break from office  got us all refueled and re-energized .

So what’s the final verdict on the new Piri Piri Fries???


We are loving It!!!

Have you tried the Piri piri fries at McDonald’s? Did you like them?  What is wackiest reason you can come up with to #UnshareMyFries ?? Let me know .. 

This post has been sponsored by McDonalds, but all thoughts are my own. Please see our Disclaimer & Disclosure doc for more details

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