Upcycled bottle lanterns – a guest post by Patricia Torres

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I’ve been really busy with work this week and thought about inviting artsy-craftsy people on board to do some guest posts.. Our first post in this series is from Patricia Torres who blogs over at  Colors Dekor. Over to her …….
IMG 2109+copy
Eva had a school project last week ~ Trash to treasure… She could use either cereal box or plastic water bottle and make it into something useful.. But she has to make it in school! I tried to convince her to make a lantern out of the plastic bottle … but she simply didn’t listen… She make an organiser out of the cereal box.
Anyway, so this weekend, I simply had to show her how easy this craft was… 
IMG 2069+copy

You will need water bottles, glass colours, scissors …

IMG 2074+copy

And the process is real easy. Cut the top part of the bottle and give it to your little one to paint. While my older one thought dropping paint was a good idea… My younger one decided to make a mess.. see below..

IMG 2075+copy

Well.. then I added a handle (using a hanger) and a few old beads… and here is the end result…

IMG 2109+copy

Hung it on the tree… and the lanterns look lovely… What do you think?

IMG 2133+copy

Now isn’t that a wonderful idea to reuse old plastic bottles ?? Thank you patty *hugs*, I will soon try making a few lanterns myself.

People, do you have any creative ideas to share?  mail me..

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  1. Curious…weren’t the edges of the cut bottle sharp ??

    I liked the idea of reusing the bottles to hold candles and would surely try with my daughter…but for the above doubt…


  2. These are real cool lanterns. Loved the idea and plan to make it over the next long weekend. Turning trash to useful art/craft items is a great idea to get kids to upcycle. The handles are a lovely touch. My daughter and I enjoy crafting. Generally we try out something from our imagination. Occasionally we have also dipped into the lovely resources at these places:

    BBC Crafts
    Jumpstart Crafts
    Kiwi Crafts

    I look forward to more crafts from you!