Very bad experience with Shopo..

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Update on this – Shopo team is looking into it and Krithika did promise prompt action.  🙂 Lets just hope Emreen gets her gift soon. I’m really sorry for this Emreen. I will really try and make it up to you somehow..

I had promised Emreen that I would paint something for her .. but since I really could not get to it, I thought why not send her a special gift for Christmas. Since Shopo was the rage and they really have awesome products, I booked this Red & Yellow Jewelery box for her on 13th Dec Night..


Since they made claims of a 12 day delivery or else your money back offer.. I was assured that she would get it in time for Christmas  and went ahead and booked it with a note saying that it was a gift for Christmas.

I was more than happy when I  received their email

Order Summary Red & Yellow Wooden Twin Chest Jewellery Box Rs. xxx = Rs. xxx
Your order will reach you within 5-7 days. 

5-7 days was reasonable, I thought.

On 23rd [ day 9  after booking] when I checked with Emreen, the box had still not reached her.. We thought we’ll check till 25th and it was still not there.  I sent them a mail on 27th asking if it was dispatched and if it could be tracked.. I got an email the same night that they would get back to me immediately.. No replies after that. and no sign of the delivery also. On 3rd Jan I got a call from Shopo Chennai that It was lying in their office and they had tried to deliver it twice after the new year [ When I had informed them that Emreen would be at her mom’s] … I got confirmations that they would deliver within 2 days and would sync up with her directly as I had provided Emreen’s mobile number in the booking addr. Its 12th Jan today .. 30 days since I last booked it. No signs of the package and the service of Shopo team is really pathetic. I don’t get replies from them and neither phone calls.. I feel really bad blogging about this as I know Shopo is a great concept and this could have been handled by them in a much much better way. The service from Flipkart is an example they should strive for.

Firstly, it was a GIFT.. secondly, they promised a 12 day delivery or money back guarantee, and thirdly, Its still not reached!! .. Shopo team if you are listening,I think you should be really sorry for the service you provide.

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  1. Ugh…that’s awful to hear Shruti. I know how bugged I would have been too! Somehow online retail in India is a great idea but the logistics (shipping, couriers, etc.) need to keep up!

  2. As it is life is super hectic, so having to make calls and send mails and follow up is a huge pain. Sympathies babe.

    And agree – flipkart ROCKS.

  3. This happened with us- husband had gifted a book to my FIL through indiaplaza- this was before we had tried flipkart- and it was really a bad experience. Finally the book reached in a damaged condition, and they took another 2 months to replace it, after many mails, phone calls, and finally a threat to go to the consumer courts. That did the trick, however, and wihin three days a brand new copy was delivered to my FIL.

  4. I have lotsa reservations against shopo. As a prospective seller, their fees policy comes across as shady.. This is what it says:


    You will be paid your earnings in an as-and-when basis. At the successful completion of every order, (by which we mean that the order reaches the buyer, who does not ask for a return or exchange of the same within 24 hours) your bank account will be credited with your sale price minus Shopo transaction fee within 10 days.

    So, its in the buyer’s hands to acknowledge the receipt of the item..and the seller doesnt get the money the buyer paid for till then.. so, the money is with Shopo till then.. sounds very very shady to me..

    Shopo is a good initiative..something like Etsy for the Americans..but, I don’t think they have the right policies at the moment. Flipkart is damn good and I hope they stay the same.

    Sorry you had to go through this. hope you get the gift or the refund soon..

  5. Bug them on fb.shopped many times with them but no issues what so fact, i have the same jewellery box delivered to me on time.

  6. I have absolutely no experience with online shopping… However wondering if it could be because of a delay from the shop owner ? Sometimes an item might be listed as available, while it may have to be made / ordered for based on actual orders… Not sure ! Hope you get your product delivered soon !

  7. Shruti
    Extremely sorry about the hassles.. We dont want to give you any excuses on this one. We will take the blame for not completing your order in time! But please be rest assured that we are looking into this and will make sure that this will be resolved ASAP. Our Ops team will keep you in the loop on this.
    Sorry again!

  8. thanks for prompt response Team shopo. your faster resolution of this complaint will help us,shopo aficionados, to restore our faith in you.

  9. @lavs – I think we as consumers also should try and provide more details for delivery.. maybe provide alternate numbers & email Ids in case no one is at home.. I think Emreen will get her package today.. 🙂

  10. @Sonia – Sigh. I’ve been rather unlucky with online shopping so far
    @divs – I truly agree.. All they had to do was drop me an sms or email saying emreen was not at home when they tried to deliver..
    @Chox – I felt so bad when I had to keep asking shopo or emreen if they got the package yet..
    @Sandhya. Ouch. I got prompt response only after i create a hue n cry.
    @josie. they have initiated a refund.. and hopefully emreen will get her package tomorrow
    @somu… some miscommunication from shopo’s part..