Weekend activities with kids in bangalore

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Helpppppppppppppppppppp !!!!
Its just me n lil p to fend for ourselves this weekend. Hubby dearest is busy n is NOT to be disturbed. So that leaves me with very few options

  1. Saturday, we both wake up late, order in breakfast.. and spend the rest of the day watching mickey mouse club house, then chota bheem, then hanuman, then some rhyme CDs,  then 9xm till we are both ready to scream!!!  Repeat this task on sunday.
  2. Saturday make some fun crafts, sleep for 3 hrs in the afternoon, go to the empty park below. Hmmm… Sunday, same thing. kiddo is happy.. mommy is ready to tear her hair out!!
  3. Or take Lil P to some mall … she plays in play pen while I shop. I think Forum & lifestyle are good options. Except, i don’t have any money to spend and I don’t really like window shopping with a 3 year old!
  4. Check out some new place where Lil P gets to meet other kids & do things that kids usually do!!

I want to try point 4. Any suggestions??
Any personal experiences with

  1. Moming salon
  2. Bistro claytopia 
  3. hippocampus library  
  4. Genie kids
  5. Monkey maze in Indiranagar

More options listed here.

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  1. No clue about Bangy 🙁
    Do you read Varsha at ?
    She has a charming brat of 6 and might know. Wait, let me ask her too 🙂

  2. Take her to a park which she hasn’t seen yet! probably Krishna Rao park/bugal rock/ cave temple & musical fountain park (all near Basavanagudi) it would be fun for you too to explore those areas 🙂

    Enoy maadi.. happy weekend.

  3. sorry !! Cannot help there since I am not a B’lore local. But you can take her to a zoo/aquarium, if she loves animals. Tht usually works with my son :-). And it is a good half a day of activity too!!

  4. Hi! My first time here! I too spend lot of (hair-tearing) time with my son;-)
    I have no idea about the places you’ve listed, never been there! I always feel that free-play is always good for younger kids. Maybe you can take your daughter to a park(there are so many in Indira Nagar) and let her play whatever game she likes 🙂
    I absolutely loved your blog, thanks to Meira 🙂

  5. Wow…what lovely places you have in Bangalore….you are making me think of shifting there !!!!
    I loved the 1st option….maybe you can check with your friends and then go together…that way you have adult-talk while the kids can have their kind of fun !!

  6. Nice one. Never been to Bangalore so cannot give any ideas. I have one suggestion though. There are so many blogger friends in Bangalore with similar age kids. Moms can arrange a play-date for their kids at anyone’s home or at a park. Kids can play together while the moms can chit chat.

  7. @Meira: 🙂 Love the URL.. checking her site rt away!!
    @Mohan: basavangudi was far for me to take her by auto.. she has severe motion sickness and its tough to handle her with all the pollution.I will check out the places u mentioned this weekend itself!! 🙂 I’ll ask my hubby to take us there.
    @Dilse : we took her to bannerghatta zoo last year n all she was excited abt was the butterfly!!! LOL. I should write a post abt that!! this yaer she might like it but the zoo is a vast place n she will refuse to walk. Shud do it this year n see.
    @varsha : Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Hi! What a funky title u have for ur blog!! don’t marry be happy! LOL. Added u to my blogroll. Welcome here.
    @rajlaxmi : Hi. welcome here 🙂
    ahhh Lil p is a gud girl too! 🙂
    @Neelum : I knowwwwwwwww. Any1 interested in a bloggers meet at moming salon??? would love to go to a place where Lil P can enjoy too! Neelum do come to blore.. 🙂 we can all go check out the places.
    @SG: yaaaaaaaaaaa!! my thoughts exactly. blore mommies what say???
    @swati: We can check it out together!! Lil p will love it when she has company!!
    @monika,ansh: 🙂 saturday we spent the whole day at my friend’s house. Her daughter n lil P are the same age n they played, ate, slept, fought n played some more.. It was pretty relaxing. n sunday, we went to forum n to the local park in the evening. I had big plans but then I’d rather do it when PC is around 🙂
    @lostworld: LOL!! Like i always say u’ll b a bigg hit!! mail me ur addr. I’ll drop her every saturday!! :p

  8. @Aryan’s mom:
    🙂 last saturday we spent the whole day at my friend’s house n sunday, we went to forum & then to the local park in the evening.
    Today also just spent time at home.. Lil P watched back to back mickey mouse.