Weekend Crafting Sessions

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Weekends are usually spent at home with family. Since we are all out the whole week, we love to just laze around the house on weekends. Now, since hubby has joined college, its just me n Lil P, left to fend for ourselves every Saturday. Its tough to keep my 4 year old entertained with just books or a walk in the park, and so we have converted saturdays into craft days.We love to make things, color them and then surprise daddy when he comes back in the evening.

The theme for artsy-craftsy this month is clay so I decided to dabble in some easy clay projects that my 4 year old could get involved in. We have used Atta & play dough a lot but working with air dry clay was a first.

Here’s what we made –

  1. A Square photo frame fridge magnet – Cut and colored by Lil P 
  2. A Heart shaped pendant. We still have to paint a P on it and It has a loop in the backside for a satin ribbon to pass through. Cut using cookie cutters, and painted by Lil p using acrylic colors.
  3. Some fruity fridge magnets – a pineapple,  a water melon, a leaf [ there was a lady bird too.. but looks like it walked away just before I clicked this pic] Again made by lil p using molds and then painted. 
  4. A Funny circle family pic hanger. We have looped a satin ribbon through and hung it on the kitchen wall. It holds a pic of the 3 of us 🙂
  5. A beady necklace. This was slightly tough for Lil p to make. But she rolled the clay into spheres and then I made them oval and passed a wire through them to make the holes. Once dry, Lil P painted them Orange and Blue and I added the black lines. We strung them together using a transparent wire and laced a ribbon for the neck. 
Here’s a pic of the work in progress. I love the pic of Lil p’s tiny hands at work..

 Ever since we’ve started crafting together, I’ve noticed that Lil P is much happier and we look forward to weekends very eagerly. We make silly things, get messy and generally have a lot of fun. What do you usually do on weekends? I’d love to know.

I am linking this post to patty’s amazing weekend wrap up party.

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  1. Like Mommy, Like daughter….the little girl is so talented, Shruthi. 🙂 🙂 Keep inspiring her more. 🙂 🙂

    Love the neat necklace…. 🙂 🙂

  2. @Priya: Yes she loved to show off her crafts.
    @Swaram:U’d have to come to blore for that!
    @R’s mom: 🙂 thanks. I love those tiny hands.. They are still babyish.
    @Sanctified spaces: welcome here 🙂 n thanks.
    @Bikram: 🙂 Thank u. She has made those under supervision and by following instructions. If I leave her alone with clay, only snakes and laddos will get created . hehe.

  3. wow! Shruti, your daughter is as talented as you are! Amazing that you are able to get her to sit down and do so much 🙂 Very nice crafts and wonderful ideas. I will try these with Na sometime.

  4. even that takes TALENT to make .. I cud not make a ROUND LADOO at all .. so she is doing good
    and hey OK fine a little credit to the supervisior then .. i bet it was you 🙂 he he he

  5. @Trish, Arundhati: Uploaded 🙂
    @Roopa: Thanks.
    @Dil Se: 🙂 Thank u. Hows the new job?
    @Shankari: Do try them. Hope Na likes them too.
    @Sanda, Varsha: Thank you.
    @Bikram: Now u flatter me! 🙂 Thank u.
    @Vidya: 🙂 Thanks.
    @Preeti Sriram: Welcome here. Coming by to ur blog rt now 🙂