Be Truly Unstoppable With The New Whisper Ultra Soft

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I remember staying up all night reading Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell when I was younger. This novel, set against the backdrop of America’s civil war, features one of the most iconic heroines in English literature, Scarlett O’Hara.

I fell in love with Scarlett! She was feisty and determined and she didn’t let anything stop her from getting what she wanted!

In short, Scarlett was my kind of woman!

Being Comfortable and Confident in Your Own Skin

Somewhere in all that growing up, I forgot all about the book and my hero.

I was 13 when I had my first period. I hated them. I had painful cramps & very heavy bleeding that would stain my clothes.  I eventually simply stayed home if I could, whenever my periods started.

It wasn’t until college that things began to change. The women I met there didn’t seem to think periods were something to suffer through. There were better sanitary options available and I finally discovered Whisper.

With weapons like ultra, maxi, wings, I could now achieve my dreams. I stopped letting my periods hold me back. I started becoming more social, took part in college debates &  IT fairs. Heck! I even won my karate green belt championship while on my periods.

I felt liberated for the first time.

And I realized something very important –  If we want to reach what we’re truly capable of, we first need to be comfortable with being ourselves, with being women – all through the month. Only this realization can give us the confidence to chase after our dreams.

Success & self care quote for women

What we need for this, is a reliable partner to guarantee our comfort, just like Whisper’s new Ultra Soft pads.

Whisper Ultra Soft – Double the Softness, Double the Comfort

I might not have wanted my first period, but these days I can’t wait for the next one – really!  I’m loving the new Whisper Ultra Soft.

Be truly unstoppable with the New Whisper Ultra Soft that provides Double the Softness & Double the Comfort #ultrasoft #yougogirl

These aren’t your everyday pads that you have to endure for 7 days every month; this one’s actually a pleasure to wear! Sounds unrealistic, but just hear me out here.

You know that feeling you get when you touch cotton that’s just super soft? Well, that’s the feeling promised by the new Whisper Ultra Soft!

Be truly unstoppable with the New Whisper Ultra Soft that provides Double the Softness & Double the Comfort #ultrasoft #yougogirl

These pads have soft top sheets, not just in the centre but on the wings as well, which is just what I needed to prevent chafing.

Do you know what that means? No more plastic net cover rubbing my sensitive skin!

The wings are stretchable too, which ensures they stay in place, so I can jump, skip and hop and not worry about shifting and stains. Outdoor assignments, here I come!

Just the other day, I had to stay outdoors for a full day photo shoot. Normally I would have postponed it or canceled it because of my periods but My super-cottony soft Whisper was the perfect companion. All the standing walking, climbing and no discomfort or staining; plus absolutely no rash or skin irritation because of the soft cotton cover.

Be truly unstoppable with the New Whisper Ultra Soft that provides Double the Softness & Double the Comfort #ultrasoft #yougogirl

Don’t let the ‘soft’ part deceive you into thinking that these pads are weak! Whisper Ultra Soft pads are nearly 20 percent longer with a wider back. They have soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away, so you don’t have that ‘wet’ feeling at all.

What’s more, the pads have fresh odourless pearls that capture and lock away period odour. So you can walk into that air conditioned conference room confidently, head held high!

Margaret Mitchell’s heroine was a sassy woman, confident in her femininity and her abilities! Now, with Whisper Ultra Soft pads, we can be too!

So, Go on, chase your dreams, be comfortable in your skin and be truly unstoppable!

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