10 Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids – Now updated for 2023

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Make 2022/23 your family’s most organized year yet with these cute 10 Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids! Disney princesses, superheroes, unicorns, and more!

“Every time you tear a new leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress” – Charles Kettering

The last month of the year is often a flurry of planners, organizers, and calendars, with everyone resolving to make the New Year their most organized yet!! But if that’s what you want in 2023, as a Mom, it goes without saying that you need to organize your kids’ lives too!

Kids have lots of activities apart from school, and there are also other things like vaccinations and PTA meetings that you have to take care of. Get everything under control with these

10 Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids ( Now updated for 2022-2023)

Free Printable Calendar 22 23 1 2


If they are too young to use these by themselves, print them anyway; it’ll help them learn the names of days and months. More than anything, this is also a great way to get our kids used to an organized system of managing their errands and is a life skill they’ll have much use for. (P.S. – All these are completely free!)

BONUS – For school year 2022-2023, scroll down for some additional options

1. Printable Coloring Calendar For 2023

Calendar 2023 Coloring Pages Feature Image

Today we have a cute 2023 calendar for kids that also doubles as a coloring activity! This printable calendar for kids is a fun way to keep your kids excited about upcoming dates while helping them stay organized.

2. Printable Coloring Calendar For 2023

Make 2020 your family's most organized year yet with these cute 10 Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids! Disney princess, superheroes, unicorns and more!

Ready to have a magical year!? Then this FREE printable unicorn 2023 calendar from Cute Freebies is a must-have! With pinks, blues, and yellows, this calendar is colorful and bright without being over the top. If you’d like to gift it, it would go great with this no-sew unicorn pouch.

3. 2023 Zodiac Disney Princess Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids

TCM Princess 2023 t 1 e1671972017694

We know there are a lot of fans of Disney Princess Crafts out there, and this gorgeous watercolor is one that’ll impress them all! The Cottage Market has created unmistakable likenesses of popular Disney princesses like Ariel, Elsa, Mulan, and others. This is one frame-worthy calendar! 

4. 2023 Editable Kiddie Calendar

2023 calendar printable for kids header.jpeg e1671970518946

This calendar from Kiddy Charts is simple but still full of the cuteness factor! One thing I really like about this calendar is the neat and clean look, with lots of white space for kids to write in their activities or assignments. Get them started on being organized right away! Now Updated for 2023 too! 

5. 2022 2023 School Calendar Free Printable


If your child has trouble keeping track of game practice sessions, tests, holidays, and extracurricular activities, then this school calendar from cutefreebies will be ideal for him. This free printable 2022 and 2023 calendar has a cute school theme. It’s perfect for your school binder, homeschool, or teacher planner. 

6. Superhero Calendar 2023  – Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids

superhero calendar 600x835 1

Got a Marvel or DC fan at home? Then you MUST print out this superhero calendar from 123Homeschool4Me! Every month features a different superhero, and all the favorites have been included – Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Flash and more. With plenty of writing space, this calendar is both bright and functional!

7. Kid-created directed drawing calendar 2023

directed drawing calendar by proud to be primary 1

This directed drawing calendar via proudtobeprimary.com is the perfect holiday gift for someone special in students’ lives. Mom, dad, grandparents, family friend, or even neighbor – Everyone will appreciate this special homemade DIY project turned gift!

8. DIY 3D 2022 Free Printable Calendar for Kids

Make 2020 your family's most organized year yet with these cute 10 Free Printable Calendar Pages for Kids! Disney princess, superheroes, unicorns and more!

A 3-dimensional calendar? Yes, it’s possible and what’s more, you can make it with just 2 sheets of paper! A Piece of Rainbow has free templates and all the instructions required to create your very own 3D calendar template for 2022 which also features an attractive color scheme!

9. Cute Printable Calendar Pages for Kids – 2023

Printable Calendar for Kids Pinterest 800x1200 1

Mom Envy has the perfect calendar – The design of the printable calendar pages is perfect for kids of all ages. It comes with cute clip art that is in black and white so that children can color the designs.

10. DIY Children’s Printable Calendar Pages [ Updated with 2022 pages]

Chilrens Calendar Image

We’ve saved the best for the last with this awesome calendar from Crafting Cheerfully! This is no ordinary calendar – there’s a lot happening here, with weather conditions, activities, and cute bunnies all featured in one amazing place! The 2022 calendar pages are now available. This calendar will appeal to kids of all ages, and you can customize it to your liking with the extra PDF packs on the site.

Bonus -Free Printable School Year Calendar Pages for Kids 2022-2023 

Visual Featured Monthly Calendar School Year 2022 2023 1

Lovelyplanner shares this free printable 2022-2023 School Calendar with 12 monthly calendar pages that will help you stay organized during the school year. This monthly school calendar is dated from August 2022 until July 2023. Each month includes a different color.

Free Printable Calendar 22 23 3 2


Calendars like these can help kids stay organized and remove a lot of stress – for the whole family. You’re probably still enjoying time off from work and school, which means it’s the perfect time to pick your favorite calendar from this list and make it. Happy printing!!

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