100 Followers!! and a Giveaway

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I can see the magic number 100 in my sidebar and it makes me very very happy. Happy enough to announce a Giveaway..  What do you say??

The winner will get a set of 3 handmade Madhubani kite bookmarks 
  1. Leave a comment at this post.
  2. Optionally add the image to your sidebar / Post / FB with a link back to this post
  3. You can also like the FB page. Again this is not mandatory.
  4. You must submit an entry to the Artsy-Craftsy-January Challenge. Ok, now I’m Joking. 🙂


Giveaway is open till End of January 2011 after which I will choose a winner by random number generator. Contest is open to everyone around the world.

 Come join in the celebration 🙂

PS:  Don’t forget to check out my post on vividha and the Artsy-craftsy-Challenge and leave your comments. 🙂

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  1. Congrats! And I have done all 4!! yay! Here is to more posts, more followers,more gluey fingers, more clothes soiled by paints, and more glitter that refuses to wash off

  2. Congratssss 🙂 100 is quite a magical number and its super good to see the blog becoming popular among art lovers 🙂 Keep it going 🙂

  3. congrats lady its 101 right now and a very good no 🙂

    and leaving the comment – done

    FB like – done

    I will link the side bar and come later 😉

  4. When I tried to follow your blog, it showed me the number “101”. So what do I make of it now 😉
    Congratulations and let the celebrations follow, Shruti!
    Make it big this 2011!
    New to blogging, I donno how to do task no.2…Rest taken care! Cheers to all the artsy craftsy people out there who make it happen!!!

  5. Congrats on your century!

    Count me in. I would like to have the bookmark. Currently reading The Alchemist!

    Coincidentally you happen to be my 101th Follower and i was also planning a give away to celebrate 100 Followers… Please do join

    Thanks adithisamma from Adithis Amma Sews

  6. Congratulationsssss Shruti!!!! This is awesome – 100 followers is so cool. I already sent my entry to the Jan challenge 🙂 I have never been lucky with the random generator thingy. Lets hope this time I do get lucky!

  7. Cool!! Congrats Shruti 🙂
    I think i ‘liked’ ur blog long ago 😀 Will do the other stuff asap 🙂

  8. Congrats Shruti! That brings me to one of the questions I wanted to ask you – Which one do you prefer -Me leaving comments on your facebook profile or here?

  9. hai sister i know about you well. u r so great. god has given you wounder full gift i thank god for that. please you have expose your talents to this world. you have to do more miracles in arts and paintings. i wish you all the best………….