11 Candy Corn Inspired Crafts for Halloween

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Like Pumpkins, ghosts and spooky spiders, candy corn just screams Halloween. Not only does it satiate our sweet cravings, the tasty confection has visual appeal and also makes for a great Halloween theme.

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11 Candy Corn Inspired Crafts for Halloween

11 Candy Corn Inspired Crafts for Halloween - inexpensive, eye-catching & fun for Toddlers, preschoolers & young kids. All you need is a bag of Candy corn
All you need to make these awesome Halloween decorations is a bag of candy corn and a few other supplies. They a™re inexpensive and eye-catching, and really bring the spirit of Halloween to your house.

  1. Turn black, orange and white construction paper into an adorable Candy Corn Man as shown on meaningfulmama.com. So easy, with lots of room for creativity. This Candy Corn Man is bound to make any decorations look festive.
  2. Here is an easy craft for kids to make Candy Corn flowers idea via craftymorning.com! Instead of indulging in the candy make some pretty art with them. Children as young as toddlers/preschoolers can do this just fine.
  3. Everyone’s favorite Halloween sweet is no longer limited to the candy dish! This easy-to-make Candy Corn wreath utilizes the popular yellow, white and orange confection for this pretty door decoration idea from womans day.
  4. Candy Corn Craft using Pom Poms to Paint – Have your kids make this fun candy corn craft using pom poms to paint! Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fine motor activity idea via crafty mornings again.
  5. Counting with Candy Corn Math Activity – Counting is fun, counting candy is even more fun!This is a great thanksgiving themed math activity via no time for flash cards. A craft that not only encourages kids to slow down but it also builds independence and confidence.
  6. I love this Footprint Candy Corn art projectvia rust & sunshine. It’s such a simple and inexpensive project that does no™t require any special tools and adds such a cute, extra detail to any decor. With child-proof scissors, this art project would be really fun to do with kids too. 🙂 and as an added bonus, children will love playing with colors. Once dried, the print can be mounted on cardstock and laminated as wall-decor or stored as a keepsake
  7. Chocolate Candy Corn Crispy Treatsvia pint-sized treasures are super-cute and easy to make! Not to mention incredibly yummy! Perfect for your next fall party!
  8. This Candy Corn Turkey Handprints craft never gets old, Candy Corn Handprint turkey idea via frogs and snails and puppydog tail are a great way to get the little ones involved
  9. Candy Corn Paper Plate Banner idea via pin junkie is a simple and frugal little craft to get the kids involved and it adds a ton of Halloween cheer to any room. Bright, colorful and easy to make, this craft is ousure to be a hit with the little ones!
  10. If making scary Halloween crafts is not your cup of tea, some Candy Corn monstersviacrafty morning may be more appropriate for the occasion.
  11. These balloon-dipped Candy Corn mason jars via Brit + co. are so RAD! Use them as drinking glasses or put votives inside to light up your table.

11 Candy Corn Inspired Crafts for Halloween - inexpensive, eye-catching & fun for Toddlers, preschoolers & young kids. All you need is a bag of Candy corn

Some Fun Facts about Candy Corn –

  • Why is Candy corn called Candy corn?
  • Who created Candy Corn? Did you know that candy corn has been around for more than 100 years and has never changed its look, taste, or design? George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company created candy corn in the 1880s and became instantly popular because of its innovative design. It was one of the first candies to feature three different colors!
  • You don’t have to wait for Halloween to indulge in the mellow creme candies, celebrate National Candy Corn Day on October 30.
  • Candy corn is one of the healthier candies of the Halloween season. It contains roughly 28 grams of sugar and only 140 calories per heaping handful and it’s fat-free!
  • Once opened, store candy corn covered and away from heat and light at room temperature; it should last approximately three to six months. If unopened, the packaged candy corn will last about nine months.

Do you like Candy Corn? Me? I’d rather craft with them than eat them! What about you?

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