12 fun and unique ways to paint with preschoolers

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Painting is one of the most classic childhood activities but if you want to try something different, you can keep painting activities fresh and exciting for your kids by switching up the materials you use. Instead of painting with a brush, why not try stamping with vegetables or using a spinner to create colourful pictures. Instead of painting on paper, what about painting on a mirrored surface, or onto a t-shirt to create some personalised clothing. Here are

12 fun and unique ways to paint with preschoolers



Bubble shooter painting

Bubble shooter painting is an ideal paint activity for summer days. Blow bubbles, and watch them land on your canvas creating a beautiful picture.

Vegetable print painting

Familiarise your children with different vegetables by allowing them to explore them with art.

Painting on kitchen rolls

This fun painting technique is also a good opportunity to learn about the science of absorption.

Bubble wrap print painting

Perfect for making tree pictures, you can adapt the colours to use this technique all year round.

Painting on mirrors

This sensory painting activity is really calming.

Painting with spices

You can also explore the sense of smell by mixing spices to create your own set of paints.

12 fun and unique ways to paint with preschoolers1


Potato Masher Painting with Kids

A potato masher or other kitchen tools can make a great alternative to using a brush for painting.

Spinning Paint Pictures

You can use a salad spinner, or a purpose made paint spinner to create this effect

Finger Painting Aquarium

The are so many cute ways to finger paint- why not try making this aquarium.

Sponge Painting : Van Gogh Starry Night

Introduce children to the famous artists by letting them try out their own copies of their work.

Tape Resist Painting

Tape resist is another great painting technique that can be used to make lots of effective pictures, like these tropical clown fish.

Potato Printing on T-shirts

Kids will love to create something that they can wear afterwards!

What fun & unique ways do you use to paint with your toddlers & preschoolers ? Which of the above have you tried ? Let us know.

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