Vegetable Prints : Making Spring flowers with Okra & Beans

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Are you Ready for Spring?? I just can’t have enough of the beautiful weather here in Bangalore. The mango flowers are in full bloom and come spring / summer and the city is bursting with pink, yellow and purple flowers – jacaranda, tabebuia and so many more. So I wanted to get the feel of Spring indoors and decided to use stuff from the kitchen to create a spring art work. We love Veggie printing and  have made a Antarctic theme Potato Print Penguin, Potato Print T-shirts and even tried warli ( Folk Art form of India) . This time around, we decided to try

Vegetable Prints : Making Spring flowers with Okra & Beans

A lovely Spring and Mother’s Day activity for kids to make garden art and pretty cards. They also provide an opportunity to explore a wide color palette and endless shape possibilities.



For the Art, you’ll need –

  1.  Okra – one for each color
  2. French Bean – 1
  3. Knife
  4. White card stock
  5. Poster Colors in Red, Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue
  6. Black marker
  7. Palette
  8. Tissue paper

Spring flowers with Okra & Beans


To make the Spring flowers with Okra & Beans 

  1. Cut the Okra in the middle and take out the seeds carefully. When you make a sideways cut into okra a beautiful, perfect flower shape is made, ready to stamp onto paper!
  2. Pour small quantities of paint on a paper plate or palette
  3. Blot out the extra stickiness of the okra on the tissue paper
  4. Dip in paint. We dipped them in 2 colors to give a shaded effect.
  5. Stamp on paper in a circle to form a flower
  6. For the leaves & grass , Cut the French bean sideways to make a elongated leaf like stamp.
  7. Dip in green paint and print sideways
  8. For the grass, dip in green paint and dab at the bottom of the page.
  9. using the french bean, paint a stem
  10. To make the butterfly, first dip the okra in blue paint and stamp side by side to make the top of the wings.
  11. For the bottom of the wings, use okra
  12. For the body use the bean or a brush.
  13. Add details using a black marker and your Spring Craft is ready.

These would make perfect Mother’s day cards or Spring pictures.  They are also great for little hands to stamp with and such a gorgeous result..

 Vegetable Prints : Making Spring flowers with Okra & Beans

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    1. 🙂 Yay! You just made my day. The simplest things make the best art activities 🙂 So glad you liked it. Pls do share your post / image when you do try this with your kids..

  1. This art project is adorable. What a wonderful idea, I’ve heard of using other vegetables but never french beans or okra. We will have to try this with my kids they love doing art projects. Thanks for linking up with Inspire Me Monday. Have a great week.