15 Practical Ways to Organize Kids Craft Supplies

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Kids can craft better when everything is within easy reach. Here are 15 practical ways to organize kids craft supplies so that everything has a home!

It’s a joy for any parent to see their child involved in a craft, busy cutting and pasting and creating works of art. But the ensuing mess isn’t as pleasant! The worst part is when you don’t have a proper home for all your craft supplies, resulting in everything being dumped into one big basket or box. This way, the next time your kids need to craft something, they need to dig through all the contents of the box just to find two matching sizes of googly eyes, which kind of takes the fun out of crafting!!

How to organize kids’ craft supplies?

So obviously, the solution is organizing your child’s craft supplies. But you need something kid-friendly and practical, a system that can be maintained. A wall with a whole lot of shelves featuring custom-painted jars and boxes may look good on Pinterest, but may not work so well in real life!! So here we have

15 Practical Ways to Organize Kids Craft Supplies

15 Practical Tips to help Organize Kids Craft Supplies - Composition of drawing and painting tools


1. Organize Glitter using Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt Pepper Shakers to store glitter

Glitter is probably the messiest among all craft supplies, especially where kids are concerned! Apartment Therapy has an excellent idea of storing glitter in glass salt and pepper shakers so the colors are visible from outside. Next time, just spread glue, and shake the shaker over it – clean fingers!

2. Use Hanging organizers for Gluetubes, Bottles and other supplies

wall pockets to store supplies

Hanging organizers with transparent pockets are widely used for organization, but they’re perfect for craft supplies! Glue tubes, crayons, paint bottles, scissors – all find their own individual slots and are easy to access any time. Idea via goodhousekeeping.com

3. Spice Racks are perfect for pom poms & buttons

spice rack craft suplly storage

Who knew you could repurpose a spice rack for craft supplies? 100directions.com features a spice rack where the bottles hold little items like pom pom balls, googly eyes, and buttons. Make sure it’s a rack the kids can use without difficulty.

4. Clear Containers or Shoe Boxes

labeled shoe

Here’s another idea from Motherhood on a Dime – clear plastic shoe boxes. These are pretty much available everywhere and are inexpensive and are usually stackable. These are great to corral items like pipe cleaners, markers, sticker packets and foam cutouts. What’s more, the lids help to keep the dust out of everything.

5. Tackle Box or pillboxes for Googly Eyes

pillboc googly eyes storage

Googly eyes come in all sizes and it can be a pain digging out two matching eyes (unless you’re making an alien or a minion!!) Thrifty Fun has this awesome idea of using a tackle box to sort the googly eyes according to size, in a way that’s easily accessible to little fingers! You can also use a plastic sewing kit with compartments for this.

6. Magazine Holders or File Holders are perfect for felt sheets, foam sheets

magazine holder

Storing flat items like felt sheets, foam sheets, and colored or patterned paper can be a challenge since they can’t be folded or stuffed. Kimberly keeps all her beautiful paper organized, by using wooden magazine holders from IKEA. It’s the perfect fit.

7. Mason Jars look great to sort art supplies

Group Like Items Together Label via Clean Mama 1

We’re back to mason jars! Clean Mama shows us how it’s really easy to use mason jars to store all kinds of art supplies and how good they look when arranged together on a shelf! You don’t even need to paint them, unless, of course, you wish to!

8. Recycled Food Jars for Buttons, beads

IMG 7090 copy

It’s not just mason jars that can be used to organize craft supplies, any jar will do!! Pickle jars, sauce jars, jam jars – anything can be washed and dried and repurposed into storage for buttons, beads, and whatnot. Idea via M. Cotton

9. DIY Ribbon organizer

shoebox0 1220x920 1

Ribbons are always a problem for us; they get tangled and look limp once we untangle them from each other. honestlywtf.com gives us a great idea to contain the mess; shoeboxes with holes punched in them for the ribbon to come out! This way, your kid can just pull the length of ribbon required, cut it and go!! The ribbons are covered and kept dust-free.

10. Repurpose a Shower Caddy

shower caddy craft storage

This idea is from Better Homes & Gardens and is a great repurposing solution. If you don’t have too many supplies, this will work great to hold some paper, a few small jars, glue, scissors and basic essentials. Also makes a great gift wrap station.

11. Plastic Drawers

Use Silhouette to make labels

A set of plastic drawers can be really useful especially if you live in a small space. It’s inexpensive, mobile, and at a level, kids can access. Acasarella shows how these can be used to store various craft supplies with a proper labeling system.

12. Tic Tac boxes to store narrow ribbons and laces

kordeles 620x330 1

Now, this is a unique way to store narrow ribbons and laces. Think Drops features Tic Tac boxes which can hold and dispense narrow ribbon in a very nice way! And they occupy so little space, you can fit many containers in one little box.

13. Use PVC Pipes to store paints, Wool

pvc pipe storage solution

 I remembered people making some really clever storage ideas with PVC pipes. 

14. Letter Trays

Here’s another solution for those paper and foam sheets – an old-fashioned letter tray. These aren’t as popular in the digital age as before, but they are perfect for flat craft supplies! You can also use it to store kids’ drawings! Idea via Musings from a Stay at Home Mom

15. Trash Cans

store wrapping paper in trash can

We’ve talked about organizing the small, medium, and itsy bitsy things. But what about the big rolls of the chart and other patterned paper? Throw them in the trash can!! organizationobsessed.com repurposes a trash can by attaching wheels and making it the ideal storage place for large rolls of paper. How smart is that?

These tips should cover most of the craft supplies that kids generally use, and you won’t even need all of them! Choose the ones that apply the most to your needs and the available space and make crafting even more fun with organization!


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