25+ Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids

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25 of the most Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids – use flowers, brushes, twigs, toys to create artwork

We love printmaking or Block printing, as to how we call it at home. Everyday objects can turn into tools to use in your Art process. It’s a big hit with kids both big & small as it can be as easy as you want it and make it more complex to keep it interesting for the older kids, all at the same table.

Don’t have stamps, don’t fret. You don’t need expensive items to get you started on your printmaking journey.  Today I’m showcasing some innovative ideas for printmaking using stuff that you probably had lying around your house all along.

25+ Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids

25 of the most amazing Printmaking ideas for kids - use flowers, brushes, twigs, toys to create artwork


Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids Using Toys

PicMonkey Collage1

Toy truck tracks make amazing prints .. Check out the carle museum

Use Dice prints to develop your child’s  math skills like how  housing a forest does it

Use Legos, Foam blocks, and dominoes to make patterns.  The preschool toolbox shows an easy way to do that.

Put those lego blocks to good use – Make some fresh corn on the cob prints[ idea via ArtNavy ]

Actual toy blocks can be used to study interesting shapes and become tools in Geometry as shown on kidsactivitiesblog.com


Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids inspired by nature

PicMonkey Collage2

All those autumn leaves can be used to print lovely tote bags & gift tags just like Skip to my lou

Flower printing – Dip fresh or artificial  flowers in paint and print  to make unique botanical studies or gorgeous wrapping papers like learning for kids shows us

Okra prints make a pretty flower and french beans can be cut to print leaves

Potato stamps can be used in many ways – To make penguins on a T-shirt 

We even tried a folk art of India “Warli” using potato stamps


Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids using everyday household items

PicMonkey Collage3

Bottle caps can help make a lovely Snowman card 

The backs of items like a nail can make interesting patterns

Balloon Printing can set the mood at a party. Check out what teach preschool did

A whole art piece can be made using bubble wrap  

Make a cute Egg carton stamped Sheep like blogmemom


PicMonkey Collage4


Make Cardboard / TP roll Heart stamps like tinker lab

Make adorable Q-tip painted easter eggs. Idea via no time for flashcards

Make Rainbow yarn Prints using rolling pins & yarn for some process play like blogmemom

Use Plastic Forks to make this cute lion Artwork like sassy deals

Styrofoam plates can be put to good use for Some rainbow printing via the chocolate muffin tree


Creative Printmaking Ideas for kids using one’s own hands & feet 

If none of these ideas suit you, use your fingers feet & palms as your stamp and stamp away

PicMonkey Collage5


Make a handprint chicken with her little chicks

This Valentine bookmark has thumbprints shaped like a heart.

Cute Ladybug Footprint and Adorable Bee Footprint idea is so adorable and is shared by a fun handprint art blog

A Thumbprint Aquarium card is personal as well as functional.

Make a Handprint Octopus for a cute ocean theme project.

25 of the most amazing Printmaking ideas for kids - use flowers, brushes, twigs, toys to create artwork

What did you use to make prints with your kids? Share your links in the comments below.



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  1. Loved this compiled post! Last week i did toilet paper roll painting with my toddler, and oh we had soooooo much fun!! 🙂

    1. 🙂 Do share the pics when you do.. We do have lots of stuff lying around the use and each can be put to a creative use. Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  2. I love all your ideas!! Quick question, are there any books out there that will go hand-in-hand in teaching kids printmaking? I always read a book that goes with the lesson (either showcases the illustrator using that specific technique in the book or the book talks about that specific technique throughout the book), and I’m having trouble finding one! Thank you!