25 Summer Beach Party Ideas

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“A simple life is good with me. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy” – Yanni

I’m sure a lot of people would agree with Yanni here!! Going to the beach is just one of the things that can make a hot summer not just bearable but loads of fun!!

Everyone’s done with their exams too, so it looks like the perfect time for a summer beach party! You can have this party in your garden or yard, and don’t worry if it’s too hot outdoors – you can have just as much fun indoors! Here are 25 summer beach party ideas to help you kick start some serious summer fun!

25 Summer Beach Party Ideas
25 Summer Beach Party Ideas


Summer Beach Party Invites
Summer Beach Party Invites


1. Let your invite leave no doubt about the theme in this flip flop invitation card that makes you want to wear it!

2. Make little beach slider cards and use them as invitations to your special summer party!

3. This beach party wave card looks tougher to make than it actually is! With some good cardstock and glue, you’re all set!

4. This is a really cute and really easy summer fun card available for download and perfect for your theme!

5. Sometimes you just want to knock their socks off, and this bath toy invite is perfect for it! Add in a little towel and a note to complete it!


Summer Beach Party Decor Ideas
Summer Beach Party Decor Ideas

6. What’s a beach party without colorful beach umbrellas!! Make this completely unique beach umbrella wreath with your kids for your front door. Bonus – you don’t need glue!!

7. Decorate your wall with a bright and sunny beach banner that screams summer!

8. If not a paper banner, you can go for a beach ball banner – just string several light weight balls on a sturdy string. You can let each kid take one home too!

9. A beach has got to have some creatures other than humans, so go ahead and make this authentic looking cereal box starfish!

10. Use the colorful food as centerpieces and turn plates into crabs by attaching legs to their bottoms.


Summer Beach Party Food Ideas
Summer Beach Party Food Ideas

11. Serve dry snacks in beach-y style with a snack bucket and shovel! Be sure to use clean ones, though!

12. You can’t have a party without a cake, and what can be more suited to your theme than this super-adorable teddy beach cake? You can use your imagination to decorate it in any beachy style that you like!

13. Have some fun with these devilled egg boats, complete with little sails and placed on a blue plate!

14. It seriously can’t get any cuter than these flip flop sandwiches or ‘flipwiches’!! Use a toothpick to hold the layers in place.

15. Let’s get some healthy food into this beach party with these tropical rainbow kababs – make it as colorful as you like!

Games & Activities

Summer Beach Party Games Ideas
Summer Beach Party Games Ideas

16. Get together some foam sheets and other decorative elements to let the kids make their own keepsake flip flops.

17. Arrange a fun ball toss game with multiple beach buckets, numbered for ease.

18. Have a musical Hula hoop game, where kids have to swing hoops till the music stops. The one still left swinging wins!

19. Setup a fishing game for kids, with a blue background and lots of sea creatures in bright colors!

20. Fill a transparent jar with shells and ask the kids to guess how many are in it – the one with the closest number wins!

Return Gifts

Summer Beach Party Favor Ideas
Summer Beach Party Favor Ideas

21. Skip the paper gift bags and get small, colorful beach pails that you can fill with assorted gifts like sunglasses, small shovel and a ball.

22. Everyone needs sunscreen, particularly in summer! Get the kids a combo of a sunscreen and flip flop shaped pencil cases to take home.

23. Take the sunscreen idea further with a summer pail full of sun safe items like sunscreen, sunglasses and towels.

24. Get cute bowls in beach themes to act as party favor containers and fill with fun accessories and bubble solutions.

25. A beach theme can be eco friendly too! Get these summer themed cloth gift bags and stuff with little beach themed stationery and candy.

In addition to these ideas, you can also get free summer themed printables for downloading, so that you can add that extra zing to your summer beach party!! With a little planning you can ensure that your child and her friends have a real fun time this summer!


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