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Didn’t realize that this blog is already 300 blog post old!! Did you notice??? Wow! The journey seems very short.. Its like this blog was taking baby steps just a few months back .. hehe.

Comments and mails like these make my day!

“Love your blog, your enthusiasm and how you get everyone jazzed up to participate in each monthly Artsy-Craftsy challenge. I really enjoy looking at all the entries and voting on each month’s contest. “
“R’s Mom on August 2, 2010 10:11 AM said… Hi Shruti,

Shruti..firstly happy friendship day…secondly its great that you got a sponsor and all that…way to go..and thirdly….(hold your breath!) I managed to make the fish aquarium with finger painting which you had put up ages ago on activities with your child…we did it..yes..me the most non artistic person in this whole wide world….I sat and did it with R..and thank you so much for the idea…will post the pic on my blog soon..thank you thank you 🙂 btw..it didnt turn out to be as stunning as yours….but pretty good for a first attempt :)”
Abha who ate as many pistachios it would take to make crafty phools with Cub.


I am writing to you for the first time (I have commented on couple of your blogs though ), my name is Usha and I have a 1 year 10 month old daughter. I have started doing arts and crafts with her to keep her busy on weekends, and I have bookmarked your website for ideas. I have already done quite a few arts based on your ideas and thought you would like to have a look. I wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas, my creativity is almost zero, so wanted my baby to take a liking for arts and crafts. Since she is still very young, I have stuck to hand prints mostly. I wanted to write this on your wall, but didn’t know how to upload these pictures of crafts that I have done with my baby. So sending you an email instead. I hope you like them!
A big fan 🙂

IMG00001 20100717 1333+(1)
If you have tried some crafts inspired by the ones featured here, do mail them to me. I’d be delighted to upload them
I also need to announce the winner of the 1st blog birthday giveaway.
Thank you Swaram ,Pooh! ,Priya ,R’s Mom ,uday ,Trish, lostworld, Momo’s Ma, UmaS, SG,ambulisamma, Goldie, Dil se,Ani, artnavy, Monika, Avada Kedavra,Gayathri Anand, Lavanya Sriram, Shilpa,Rajlakshmi,Aryan,EC, Bikramjit,newmumontheblock, G3 for taking part in the giveaway and leaving such lovely comments.
and the winner is Swaram!!
Your ganesha painting should reach you soon.
Special thanks to Monika, Priya, Ambulisamma and UmaS for putting up a tough fight.
I am also trying out some new crafts and will be cross posting the complete tutorial at Pooh’s Den as a guest blogger soon. Thank you Pooh. Although I haven’t come up with any crafts yet I’m brimming with ideas and am pretty excited about this.
I can see that there are a lot of new followers too. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Nice to have u here 🙂
 I like to know more about you. Drop in a line won’t you?

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  1. 300!!!!!!!!! Wowww! U r faster than P.T.Usha 😛 Congratulations and always lead the way 🙂 🙂

    Off to read the post now 🙂

  2. Yay thank u I won I won 🙂
    Plssss keep crossing more such milestones and let there be many more giveaways lol 😉

    I think the link to ur giveaway post takes us too Pooh’s Den too 🙂 U mite want to correct it.

    Whole-heartedly wishing for more and more such happy moments in the blogville for u 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Congrats Shruti….! i can see that was pretty quick! I am a new follower and a completely besotted one at that! Look forward to participating in the monthly challenges henceforth!

  4. WHOA! 300!!! Congrats!!! Please keep up the good work, love to follow your art and postings!

    So thrilled to see my work on your blog! Thank you so much for posting them!

  5. Wow! Thats a gr8 milestone in less than 1.25 years,very big congrats.
    I love your atsy craftsy though am nothing in it.Pls keep them coming.
    And congrats to swaru on ganesha.


  6. what position was i at .. hope not last he hehehe 🙂

    congratulations on the achievement wowowow… Tripple century.. 🙂

  7. congratulations !!!! 🙂 when I reach 300 posts, you would be way past a few thousands I presume ..hehehe.. Keep up the pulsating artsy craftsy. It rocks!
    Congrats to Swaram,no surprises there.

  8. 300 posts !! WOW !!! Milestone indeed…come on, keep the posts coming…we need them all. 🙂 🙂

    Swaru, you won !!! Congrats dear. 🙂 So, put up that pic, when the Ganesha reaches you. 🙂

    Shruti, so, what have u done with the other painting – you can give a consolation prize for putting up a damn good fight, na ???? 😉 😉

    BTW, those letters from ppl around really make us feel so good and proud. I am so happy that you are making ppl try arts and get something beautiful, quite easily too. Keep it going. All the Best. 🙂

  9. owwssssumm i say!!! 🙂

    300 and going stronger!

    so does my pista work that needs glue to be stuck on base qualify for this months theme?! :p


  10. @swaram: LOL.
    @mohan: Thanks 🙂 This magic number is beacuse of the wonderful contributions I recieve
    @Swaram: Corrected. n Hugss n congrats. Sorry I delayed announcing it for so long.
    @R’s Mom, Shaini, Shankari: Thanks 🙂
    @Usha: U made my day. Thank you for that email. 🙂
    @ambulisamma: its all because of the artsy-craftsy entries i recieve
    @Bikramjit : Actually I wish I could give a gift to each 1 of you.
    @Priya, hema, pv, patty, SG, arundhati, nithya, ani : Thank you. Hugss
    @lostworld: But then ur each post is power packed and equals 10 of mine. So we can call it even I say. When r u coming by???
    @UmaS: LOL. Its up for sale if someone wishes to buy it. I really wish I could mak something handmade for all you guys. Just too many things on my plate rt now.
    @Abha: Well yes. Do send it in with a copyright info pls
    @starry, PVS, momo’s ma & pooh: All thanks to u guys. 🙂

  11. Congrats shruti.I missed this post,i didnt see this post in my reader.

    Wishing u more post and will peep here more often for craft ideas for kids.