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Artsy Craftsy began in January 2010 and marked my 101st Post πŸ™‚ .. What started as a way to showcase a few crafts that I n my daughter enjoyed, has now turned into this immensely popular monthly artsy craftsy challenge. The rules are simple and everyone can participate. Add this code to your sidebar if u’d like to be a part of the Artsy-Craftsy family.

Artsy-Craftsy Challenge

The original Artsy-Craftsy Clipart is from Clipart from

Here are all the winners and their entries..

Theme: Finger and hand painting
The user choice award . Anoushka (deepazartz) for  30. The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs.
1st Prize Shalini chandak from craftsisland for 2. Fingerprint Ganapati .
2nd Prize Smita Srivastava from littlefoodjunction for her entry 23 The handprint fishes.
3rd Prize Div (Starry) for her entry  9. The thumbprint frog pond .


Theme : Paper Crafts

The user choice award Nithya from Nits arts and crafts for her lovely entry 36. Tiny paper bag
1st Prize goes to Trish for 15. Paper Doll dress
2nd Prize goes to anushka (Artnavy) for their entry 14. Paper chain & politicos
3rd Prize goes to Adithi (Swapna Sivanantham) for their entry 10. Paper craft apple tree


untitled 1

Theme: Puppets [Prizes sponsored by TPL ]
The user choice award. Shankari over at Naradtales for her entry 3. Narad the frog prince
1st Prize #6 – Desi Jack sparrow (momo’s mom)
2nd Prize  #9 – Spotty Cow puppet (Swapna)
3rd Prize #19 – Loofah princess (Uma)

untitled 1
Theme: Papier Mache
User choice award Goes to Smita for her entry 7. Babushka
1st prize goes to Uma for 6. Village belle, bowls and fishes
2nd prize goes to shalini chandak for 10. Elephant mask
3rd Prize Goes to vinitha for her entry 8. Paper mache jewellery
untitled 1

Theme: Thermocol Crafts
User choice award goes to Swaram for her Ganesha Plate.
1st prize goes to Pooh’s den for Hats off 
2nd prize goes to Shankari for Thermocol puzzle board
3rd Prize goes to raji for her entry Thermocol Balls Flower craft


Theme: Block Printing

User Choice award  : Trish for her craft 41. Colorful Zoo 12 votes  18.75%
1st prize: To Priya for her craft 30. Block print – nail red
2nd Prize : Art for her entry 7.India Map
3rd Prize : Swati for her entry 33. Bottle print card




Theme: Treasure from Trash

User Choice award : UTBT with 14 votes out of 74
1st prize : Esther for her craft Jack and jill from a milk carton
2nd Prize: Shankari for her craft Windchime
3rd Prize : PVS for her entry Plastic bag and straw curtain/wall hanger.


artsy craftsy

Theme: Stick Fun [Prizes Sponsored by PV ]
User Choice Award: Castle Centerpiece by Shilpa (11) 
1st Prize : Leaf Collage Birdie by Smita (29)
2nd Prize : Sock puppets by Pooh’s Den (20)
3rd Prize : Foam Dolls by EC (6)



Theme : Celebrations & decorations [ Prizes sponsored by Vinitha]

User Cloice award : Roopa for ganesha-decorations who got 19 Votes.
2nd Prize : PVS for story teller prop
3rd Prize : Shankari for personalized book marks
artsy craftsy Oct
Theme: Clay Crafts

User Cloice award :  goes to  Clay crafts from adi and ani   

artsy craftsy Nov
Theme: Diwali Crafts

The user Choice award  goes to 16-Neelum & aadi with 26.67% votes
The 1st prize goes to –8. Smita@LittleFoodJunction 

artsy craftsy dec


Theme : Edible Crafts – Smita sponsored the gifts for Dec

The 1st prize goes to Edible jewelry from Momotales and edible craft salad from Kraftaria

Theme: Fancy Dress
User choice award goes to  Number 29 –The News paper costume by anupama


artsy craftsy
Theme: Crepe Art
User choice award goes to 22 – Crepe paper StainGlass by Sunayna
artsy craftsy mar 2011
Theme: My family
User Choice goes to #1 Hand in Hand by SK, VK, & AK
artsy craftsy apr 11
Theme: Earth day
User Choice award goes to #18.Coffee Filter Earth
artsy craftsy Jun 2011
Theme: Folk Crafts
1st Prize goes to Shreeya
artsy craftsy main
Theme: Color Mix
1st prize :#1Spin Art with paper plate, cd and a lid…from Puttis’ Prapancha 
2nd prize – #46 RAINBOW FISHES by Jui 

3rd prize – #10 Anush’s Color Mix Peacock πŸ™‚

Theme:  Flower Power
1st Prize #59. Priya  – Lotus flower

3rd Prize #44 – Sponge Rose

Artsy Craftsy Oct 2011
Theme: Make a card
1St Prize – Asmita for her entry
2nd Prize – Dr Sonia for her Dinosaur card
3rd Prize – Jui for her entry – diwali card
artsy craftsy Nov2011
Theme: Button Craft
1St Prize – Entry from Adi & Ani [ Only 1 winner because of the less entries]


artsy craftsy dec 2011
Theme: Christmas Craft


AC Jan 2012
Theme: Paint your Van Gogh


Ac Feb 2012
AC Mar 2012
AC Apr 2012
Ac May 2012
AC July 2012


ArtsyCraftsyMom 1
AC Sept
Ac feb 2013 
AC MAR 2013
ac apr
Please contact me if you are interested to sponsor the prizes for the next artsy-craftsy.
Sponsoring a prize assures you a permanent spot on the Artsy-Craftsy Wall of Fame  πŸ™‚

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  1. @art. YAY!!
    @Shipla πŸ™‚ Just my way of saying thank you for the lovely crafts. hope others are encouraged too πŸ™‚
    @Momo’s ma: πŸ™‚ Glad u liked it.

  2. Hi,
    my son , anirudh kannan aged 5 years was selected for participation at this 8th chitra santhe..I would love to show u,art lovers, his paintings and get ur valuable feedback..
    rgds,Aarthi Kannan