8 Creative decor ideas with string lights

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Bored of using your string lights the same way each year? Try these ideas to zing up your Diwali

8 Creative decor ideas with string lights

1. Roll Them – Instead of arranging string lights horizontally, roll them up in a circle and then hang them vertically at varying lengths

2. Hide them Under your bed – For a romantic feel. Place string lights under your sofa or bed. Let the light shine from beneath

3. Make them a part of your table centerpiece – Place the string lights inside a ceramic Jug and then place dried flowers (or paper flowers) , leaves and woody sticks spray painted golden as a floral arrangement . You can hang crystals for added effect.

4. Decorate them – Punch out small tissue paper flowers using a flower punch and string 2 flowers for each bulb. If the bulbs are bigger, you can use cup cake liners or even paper cups

5. Turn them into pieces of art – Buy a ready-made stretched canvas with a frame available at any art and craft store.  Paint it black (or red) and gold and sprinkle some gold glitter randomly when wet. Once completely dry, pierce tiny holes and string in the string lights in to create a starry night art deco right in your living room.

6. Bottle them – bunch up string lights carefully inside colored glass bottles or jars. If the jars are plain, mix glass colors and liquid soap (like vim liquid) and shake the jar to create stained glass effects.

7. String them differently – Using 2 way stickers arrange them in a zig zag fashion in your passage ways or vertically hang them behind sheer curtains.

8. Create a string of earthen diyas – Buy small earthen diyas and using scotch tape, stick the tiny string lights to the edge to look like a lit diya.

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