100+ Diwali Ideas – Cards, Crafts, Decor, DIY and Food

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Deepawali or Diwali is certainly the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals. It’s the festival of lights (deep = light and avali = a row i.e., a row of lights) that’s marked by four days of celebrations.

We love Diwali at home and its the time of the year when the whole family is in one place, celebrating and enjoying.

It’s also the time for activities that we do as a family. Be it decorating, cooking, shopping, or crafting. If you are a mom who is wondering how to keep kids occupied while doing some activities that bond you together as a family, then look no further. Here are

100+ Diwali Ideas – Cards, Crafts, Decor, DIY and Party Food

100 Diwali DIY Ideas 2

Diwali Card Making Ideas for kids

Diwali is almost here and if you can’t be with loved ones,  why not make a pretty Diwali card and mail someone? To make things are easier for you, I have a few creative Diwali card ideas for kids. Handmade cards are after all everyone’s favorite and add a personalized touch that no ready-made card can convey.

Download our Free Diwali Printable Pack


Get into the mood by sending out handmade Diwali cards to family & friends. Check out our post –

Check out our post – 15+ Diwali card making ideas 

15+ Diwali card making ideas - Diwali Dhamaka

Spread the festive spirit among your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones with these easy DIY cards. Here are a few from that list & more..

Rangoli Inspired Diwali Cards FB 001

Rangoli Inspired Diwali Cards to Make at Home

diwali 1 21

Diya Inspired Kidmade Diwali Cards

Diwali Card DIY set

DIY Diwali Card with Glitter Paper 

DIY Diwali Card 1

 Diwali Card made with Handmade Paper Scraps


Diwali crad diy

Diwali card made by stitching satin ribbon

.. String in some satin ribbons

Diwali Cracker card DIY

Diwali Cracker cards – Easy cards to make with paper & twine.


Diwali Crafts 1

DIY Diwali popup card//laxmi ji popup card

Diwali Crafts 2Diwali Popup Card/ Cascade Card for Diwali


Diwali Crafts 3Make a Diya Popup Card 


handmade cards for Diwali e1507120291162

Diwali Pataka cards using Glitter tapes & Glitter colors


Handmade Diwali Card

Diwali Diya Card using small mirrors


DIY Fire Cracker Style Diwali handmade Card 8

Firecracker Themed Diwali Greeting Card for Kids



Make a Quilled Diwali Card


Try some stitched Diwali Candle Cards


DSC 0108+copy11

Check out the Diwali Card Making Kit by the Jaipur Craft Company

DIY Diwali Toran Ideas

DIY Diwali Ideas 1

Torans or wall hangings are used to decorate the top of doors, thus indicating that the Goddess is welcome. However, even without the religious aspects, a toran can definitely brighten up any space.

Torans can be made from various objects- flowers, beads, or even from a thread. Try to incorporate the colors red, yellow, and orange to make it look more inviting. Torans are the excellent finishing touch to any Diwali decoration.


Diwali kalash Toran

DIY Kalash Door Toran for Diwali | Sonali’s Creations


Diwali Diya Toran

DIY Diwali Diya Decoration via Craftastic

Diwali paper Cut Toran

Diwali special door hanging toran |Diwali bandhanwar

Diwali paper Cutting pattern Craft

Handmade Diwali door hanging / Easy paper bandarwal / DIY Diwali Toran

Diwali Rose Pattern Toran

Easy Paper Rose Toran

Diwali Toran Leaf flower

Make a paper Rose & mango leaf Toran 

Diwali Toran with paper Cup

Toran made using Wool & Paper Cup

Diwali Toran Marigold1

Paper marigold & mango Leaf Door hangings

Diwali Toran Rectangle

Make a Pattern paper Toran Craft 

DIY Diwali Decorations for your home, office & classroom

The warmth from diyas, the twinkling of fairy lights, and then the colorful rangolis. There might be many ways to celebrate Diwali, but decorating our homes, offices or classrooms must be the priority. That’s why you need to read our go-to-list for Diwali decoration ideas.

15 Easy DIY Diwali Home Decor Ideas to Try

Deck up your home this festive season with these Easy DIY Diwali Decor Ideas. Get the whole family involved for a fun celebration!


Crafts provide the perfect opportunity to sit and make stuff as a family.

Brighten up your Diwali with a stunning DIY Paper Lantern that brings not just light but lots of color into your life as well, this festive season!

Make a Hanging paper Lantern – Free template

Diwali kandil

Make a Diwali Kandil Wreath for your door

We made a foam Diwali kandil for our main door https://artsycraftsymom.com/the-kandil-at-the-door/

Paper diya for kids e1565708220881 

Little Paper DIY ornament

so pretty via redtedart

Diwali firecracker craft1

Noise Free Foam Diwali Crackers for the walls

Go noise free with these cute foam Diwali crackers adorning your walls or stick them on a card

Diwali paper lantern

Make Diwali Paper Lanterns using Glitter Paper

DSC02526 1

Make your own Thermocol Diwali Aarthi plate 



A Diwali Diya wall hanging made from a paper plate from the kiddyhouse

diya mobile

Diwali Diya Mobile from the activity village

IMG 1249

Paper Diwali diyas  make an awesome garland!

 and can be used as a Diwali Diya wreath too.

IMG 1239

tokenz newdiw181

paper cup toran

Turn a Paper Cup into Diwali Toran Craft – Kids Craft  Art Platter

Accordion Fold Diwali Paper Diya Craft - Easy paper folding Diwali paper craft for kids that's both easy to make and functional.

Make Accordion Fold Paper Diyas for your walls

Accordion Fold Diwali Paper Diya Craft - Easy paper folding Diwali paper craft for kids that's both easy to make and functional.

Make Accordion Fold Paper Diyas for your Table settings


Tissue paper marigold diwali

Make Diwali paper Marigold Garlands




DIY Paper Diya.

I love Angela’s DIY ideas and this one is her latest offering. DIY paper diyas. Check out her post here –


Beautiful Diwali Lighting Ideas

No Diwali decoration is complete without Lighting. While string or strip lights are one way to do that, I have some interesting ways in which you go light it differently this Diwali.

Paper lampshades are a novel way of decorating the house on Diwali. They can be easily made at home in amazing patterns and colors. Besides, you can make them in different sizes giving you the option of decorating the house in any way you desire. Place them on a Table, Hang them in a corner or string them up as a garland. 

10 DIY Paper Lanterns for Diwali

The festival of lights is nearly here and it's time to light up your home! Add some handmade charm to it with these easy DIY Paper Lanterns for Diwali.


Make Colorful Diwali Popsicle Stick Lanterns or Paper luminaries using wax paper, popsicle sticks, and some beautiful Diya art!

Make Popsicle Stick Paper Lanterns 


diwali diya table decor

Diwali-inspired Candle Decor 

Looking for more captivating decorations for Diwali? Then you definitely need to check the above image out. See how the candle arrangements make the decoration one of the best examples of Diwali-inspired marvelous decor. The combination of a white and red candle made the layer look like a sparkling decked decor.
Read more at https://easyday.snydle.com/diwali-decorations.html | Easyday

IMG 3230

Add some Moroccan lights to your table decor  


papercube stringlights1b

DIY Paper Cube String Lights via Wit And Whistle

Yogurt tub diya

Cup lights perfect for your foyer

diwali votives

Make Felt Diwali votive hangers 

diwali votives2

Katie Steuernagle from Matsutake, was apparently huddled in her kitchen staring at some empty spaghetti jars when a brilliant thought came to mind. With a bit of gold dimensional paint and glass paint, her house was soon filled with a Moroccan summer.  Amazing!

IMG 1276

Form a star wreath with string lights or even shape them like diyas


Hanging paper lanterns

How gorgeous do these paper lanterns look? Another crafting genius idea by Angela



Diwali Fireworks Crafts 

Check out 15 Sparkling Firework Crafts that are fun, flame-free, kid-friendly ideas perfect for New Year’s Eve, 4th July, Diwali, or even Bonfire Night!

Check out 15 Sparkling Firework Crafts that are fun, flame-free, kid-friendly ideas perfect for Diwali & more!


Diwali Books & Activities for Kids

Mumma Diaries Diwali Bundle

Tot Labs Diwali Sparkle Digital Bundle for children! 

If You are in India, You should not miss this darling book by my friend & fellow Blogger Amrutha from mummadiaries.com

“All about Diwali” during a pandemic – this fun storybook gives simple facts about Diwali especially emphasizing the current pandemic (and how it should not deter our festive spirits). This eBook comes in two variants – a PDF version as well as a FlipBook version that can be viewed on all devices!

Children will have LOTS of FUN flipping the ebook pages & reading the lines! The storybook talks about the current pandemic along with the 5 days of Diwali. At the end of the storybook, the children get 5 fun tasks to do – one for each day of Diwali. Perfect for ages 2-10 years.

Buy it here

It also comes along with a 

  • Diwali Activity Bundle – This is a 50-page bundle full of fun facts & activities themed around Diwali. The bundle has two sections – a printable section as well as a non-printable, so one can enjoy the activities with or without a printer! The bundle has lots of coloring pages, activity prompts, math & sorting activities to name a few.
  • Mindfulness ToolKit for little Children – This beautiful resource has prayers, shlokas, yoga poses & mindfulness prompts. There are in total 15 rituals – each of them is simple, non-preachy & fun! Again comes in printable or non-printable version.


Amma Tell Me about Diwali

Reading Age – 6-8 Years

This book is part of the Amma, Tell me series, that includes many major Indian festivals and mythology. The Diwali version has rhyming prose and covers pretty much all aspects of Diwali – the story of Ram, the story of Lakshmi as well as how it is celebrated. This is great for little kids celebrating their first Diwali and for kids who are unfamiliar with the festival.

Buy it here –

Amazon.com https://amzn.to/3mWbTWH 
Amazon.in https://amzn.to/3p7eNJQ


Diwali Rangoli Ideas

DIY Diwali Rangoli Designs 1

There is no Diwali without at least one rangoli design gracing the doorsteps. An integral part of Diwali, rangolis are widely considered to be auspicious. They might look complex, but you don’t need an artistic streak to make beautiful rangolis.

No festival is complete without a Rangoli! For an eco-friendly Diwali decoration, it is a good idea to use organic rangoli colors. The organic colors are widely available online and offline stores. Alternatively, you can use flower petals or leaves to make your Diwali.

You can also prepare Diwali colors by using some kitchen staples like white rice, turmeric, fennel, kumkum, and others for different colors. Here is a small tip to get your rangoli on point- Use rangoli stencils. These are readily available in various designs and sizes.



Try this simple Sanskaar Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli

 Lentil Rangoli for your tabletop

Diwali Rangoli

Make a Play-doh Rangoli  

DIY Diwali Rangoli Designs 5

 Easy Kolam Design With 9 X 5 Dots|| Diwali Special.


DIY Diwali Rangoli Designs 6

Make Your Own Printed Glitter Decorative Rangoli


IMG 7387

or try a Rangoli with colored Rice

Top Diwali Rangoli Designs 07

Make a Flower Rangoli floating on water.

glitter rangoli diwali

 Use Glitter Instead of Rangoli Powder to fill your design


Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas 

DIY Diwali Ideas 2

What is even the festival of lights without the quintessential diyas? Earthern, hand-painted, or a one having 8 wicks- we love them all. Honestly, you could remove every aspect of Diwali and celebrate it with only the diyas itself.

The bonus of having diyas is that it costs next to nothing, and is notably environment friendly. Thus, if you like to make sustainable choices, diyas are the ideal Diwali decoration item for you.

Play Doh Diwali Carousel 1 002

Create your own flameless Play-Doh Diya for Diwali


Diwali Paper Lotus Tealight Holder DIY 19

Cut Paper to make this gorgeous Lotus themed Tealight Holder


glitter diya

Glitter Votives DIY 

Add gold paint and glitter to add zing to your votives


Candles are perfect to decorate the home or office. They can be used to decorate pretty much every nook, dark corners, and staircases. It’s unbelievable the selection of candles you can get today.

Also, can we not forget that many of them smell so incredibly good? There is also an option for people who like to avoid the waxy mess that many candles bring- electric candles. Electric candles are readily available and extremely convenient to set up.

glitter tea lights diwali

Bored with your tea lights, Jazz them up

salt dough candle holder

 Make your very own Salt dough Glitter Diya holder

ƒ ‚ easy-to-make-diy-pistachio-shell-candle-holder-for-diwali-decoration-5

DIY tealight holder using pistachio shells. How clever is that? 


Diwali kids ideas 3

Make your Diwali different, glitzy and beautiful with these bangle tea light holders via redtedart.

Diwali Crafts 1 2

Origami Diwali Box – Diya Holder

Funky Polymer Clay Candle Holder

Funky Polymer Clay Candle Holder


DIY Diwali Gift & Gift wrapping Ideas

DIY Diwali Gift Box 1

Diwali diy photoframe

Diwali Photo Frame kit

from The Jaipur Craft Company is the perfect gift for your kid to make

Everyone loves to get gifts. Add a little love decorating the gift boxes too.

Diwali gift

Diwali party favors shaped like crackers


Diwali Crafts 4

Diwali decoration// Gift box for Diwali


Make your own gift box

Decorate a box with lentils & your child’s artwork.  

MMUNOVELI000089 1+(1)

Decorate a gift box using glitter like this craft by NovelIdeas

Upcycled Tin Jewelery Box 9

Upcycle a TinBox with some new paint & sequin stickers to make and gift 

presentes com topos de rosa

Use coir boxes & real flowers to gift wrap


Diwali Crafts 3 2

DIY Diwali Gift Boxes – via Bakerross.co.uk

A lamp with a flame is a traditional symbol for Diwali, the Festival of Light. These sparkling boxes can be used as decorations or containers for small gifts.



Use Gold & Silver Washi Tape or Ribbons to wrap

  This lovely idea is from Laura’s blog- Bugs and Fishes.
Bling up your Diwali gifts!!!  The golden ribbons on a brown paper wrapping make the package look so special.


Diwali Party Food Ideas

Throw a modern-day Diwali party with these yummy snacks

10 Cute and Easy Edible Crafts for Diwali

This Diwali, make your food look as pretty as your clothes and your home! Try out these cute & easy edible crafts for Diwali that'll be a hit with the kids!

Make a Choco Idli Diya for Diwali Party 

Pillsbury Choco Chip Idli Cake Diya for Diwali


4 Quick Diwali Sweet Recipes4 Easy Quick Diwali Sweet Recipes 2

No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Try some modern desserts this year and WOW your guests.

31 Delectable Indian Fusion Desserts for the festive season!

31 Indian Festival Desserts3

Cocktail idli kebabs with chutney shots

This Cocktail Idli Kebabs recipe is an easy way to transform mini idlis into an elegant appetizer for a party. idli chili, masala idli cocktails.

Canapes Chaat


Indian canape recipe of healthy sprouts topped on canapes.

Mini vada pav bitesb00448adc7a9b47ee26f7c7ecd2cc0df

Vada Pav bites, a young and peppier version of traditional Vada Pav, are perfect for a fun Diwali party

Rocket Kebabs


As colorful as real fireworks these kebabs will spark interest in any Diwali party.

Cheesy Potato Croquettes

Cheesy Potato croquettes-1

No fry veg hariyali kebabs


Diyas on sticks


Perfect digestive – paan shots



Stuffed Mini Dosas


Loaded Spicy Veggie Pie


Chatpati Taco Chaat


Paneer Bhurji Swirl Rolls


Aloo Matar ki Potli


Green Beans Fries


These easy snacks are crispy, salty, delicious and melt in mouth appetizer and can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.


100 Diwali DIY Ideas 1


What do you think of this collection? If you have a Diwali craft to share, mail me and I will feature it on the blog.

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