MyPedia Reader – 5 Writing Tips from the Young Authors of India

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I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a little kid.

I used to write about my travel tales with my grandfather and the imaginary adventures we went on.

Fuelled by Ruskin Bond and Enid Blyton, when I was about 11 years old, I decided I wanted to write mystery books for a living. After sharing my new career plans with my parents, my mom did something very special.

She took an old diary, marked sections like Story Ideas, Journal, and Observations, added a pencil pouch and gifted it to me. We even made an Art Cover using old calendar prints.

I loved that diary. It came with me on family vacations and kept me up late at night. Did I become a professional author? Nope. But I did become a blogger, a writer of sorts.

I have been making my living for the last three years off of the things I make, the words I write and the photos I take.

The truth is, most kids are natural storytellers.

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All they really need to hone their writing skills is exposure to lots of good writing, plenty of practice and opportunities to showcase their talent.

MyPedia Reader Storybook

 When I heard that Pearson, the world’s learning company, launched MyPedia Reader Storybook – a compilation of 42 stories written by children, for children, I was really happy and excited for the current generation.

Here are 5 Writing Tips to encourage creative writing in kids… from the Young Authors of the MyPedia Reader Storybook launched by Pearson.

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The book publishes the stories of the winners of MyPedia Reader Creative-writing Contest 2017, a contest organized by Pearson India early this year.

MyPedia Reader publishes stories written by children and the best part is that the illustrations are done by children as well.  Isn’t that an amazing way to show confidence in the abilities of kids, and additionally, fuel the aspirations of other children too?

Activities such as these help kids find their inspiration allows them to embrace writing, and allow their true voices to be heard. When young writers find their inspiration, they will write with passion and purpose.

MyPedia Reader – The Workshop & launch

Here are 5 Writing Tips to encourage creative writing in kids… from the Young Authors of the MyPedia Reader Storybook launched by Pearson.

‘MyPedia Reader Storybook: A book for children, by children’, was launched by Pearson India on the 29th November 2017. The highlight was the workshop conducted for the 20+ kids and their parents before the book launch.

Vice President, Product & Innovation, Ujjwal Singh had this to say – “Time has come for children to tell stories of children and of how they think and how they talk. Time has come to help these young authors to build much better stories and communicate to a much larger audience”

He added, “With MyPedia Reader we wanted to create a fertile ‘children-learning- from-children’ atmosphere that encourages and nourishes the innate imagination and creativity of children. We provided a platform for children to share their stories and ended up with a path-breaking learning solution for reading and writing of English language.” 

Interviews with the young authors

Here are 5 Writing Tips to encourage creative writing in kids… from the Young Authors of the MyPedia Reader Storybook launched by Pearson.

My favorite part was the interviews with the kids after the creative storytelling workshop, that gave them a chance to share their thoughts and advice.

Here are a few tips from the young authors to encourage creative writing in kids…

  1. Stir up their imaginations
    When asked about the inspiration to write her story, Shree Sauparnika, a class 10 student, and author of the story – ‘Science Fiction Written in a Country Backyard’ said it was a school essay about the topic ‘A strange dream’ that got her creative juices flowing. 
  1. Give them a special journal or notebook to jot down ideas.
    Saron Satheesh Menon, a class 4 student, and one of the youngest authors said whenever inspiration strikes, she runs and jots down her idea immediately. That way she always has new topics to write and talk about.
  2. Write about everyday topics.
    Tamanna Das, a class 11 student, and author of the book – The Oppression said that “Reality is the best way to depict something in literature”. Wise words indeed!
  3. Don’t get discouraged.
    Kanchan Kawde, a class 7 student, and author of the story – The Sheora Ghost said that she takes a 3-day break when she feels stuck with her story. At the end of it, she comes back refreshed and ideas start to flow. And she actually wrote the ending first and then built a story backward. Wow! What a creative way to tackle writers’ block.
  1. Encouragement and support is very important
    Shraddha Khurana, a class 10 student, and author of the story – ‘The Search for a Fairy’ said having an author dad was an inspiration for her to start writing too.  Be supportive parents by offering resources, advice, and encouragement.


Here’s one of the videos from the Event Day 1 ..

Aren’t these kids amazing! Kudos to the young authors. Confident in mind, body, and spirit. Strong and opinionated, yet totally aware of the power of words in this digital age.

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