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Check out 70+ INDIA INDEPENDENCE  DAY CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS – From India Flag crafts to crafts on National Symbols – Tiger, Peacock, Lotus, Mango & Tri-Color Party Food.

INDEPENDENCE Day is a national holiday all of us look forward to every year. Growing up, we all have fond memories of the holiday – from flag hoisting, march pasts at school,  enacting plays, history lessons and most importantly feeling that infectious patriotic zeal in our hearts. For kids, the day is even more special.  Here are some ways you can celebrate INDEPENDENCE  Day festivities in a safe way, without stepping out of your home. 

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India’s Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th every year. It commemorates the day in 1947 when India gained independence from British colonial rule.

How is Independence Day celebrated in India? 

Independence Day is a significant national holiday in India, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism across the country. Here’s how Independence Day is typically celebrated in India:

  1. Flag Hoisting: The day begins with the hoisting of the Indian national flag by the Prime Minister at the Red Fort in New Delhi. State Governors and Chief Ministers also hoist the flag in their respective states.
  2. Parades and Marches: A grand parade takes place at the Red Fort, showcasing the country’s military strength, cultural diversity, and achievements. Different branches of the military, paramilitary forces and schoolchildren participate in the parade.
  3. Cultural Performances: The parade is followed by cultural performances that include folk dances, patriotic songs, and various displays highlighting India’s rich cultural heritage.
  4. Flag Hoisting in Schools and Public Places: In schools, colleges, and public places across the country, the flag is hoisted, and patriotic songs are sung. Students often participate in cultural programs.
  5. Decorations: Homes, streets, and public buildings are often decorated with the colors of the Indian flag – saffron, white, and green – and illuminated with lights at night.
  6. Patriotic Speeches: Community leaders, politicians, and officials give speeches that emphasize the significance of Independence Day, pay tribute to freedom fighters, and talk about the country’s progress.
  7. Distribution of Sweets: Sweets are distributed as a symbol of spreading joy and celebrating the occasion.
  8. Kite Flying: Kite flying is a popular activity, especially in some states like Gujarat, where people fly kites with enthusiasm and spirit.
  9. Cultural Events and Competitions: Various cultural events, art exhibitions, essay competitions, and sports competitions are held in schools and communities to celebrate the day.
  10. Flag-Themed Merchandise: Leading up to Independence Day, you’ll often find street vendors and shops selling flag-themed merchandise like badges, stickers, and clothing.
  11. Media and Entertainment: Television and radio broadcasts feature special programs, documentaries, and patriotic movies to mark the occasion.
  12. Private Celebrations: Families and friends gather to celebrate and often watch the flag hoisting ceremony on TV. Many people also take the opportunity to reflect on the nation’s history and freedom struggle.

Independence Day is a time for Indians to come together to remember and honor the sacrifices made by freedom fighters, celebrate the country’s progress, and express their patriotism and love for India.

What is the theme for the Independence Day celebration in 2023?

The theme for the upcoming independence day is ‘Nation First, Always First‘ with events lined up for ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.’ The government has programs planned to celebrate India’s diverse cultures.

Grab the FREE India Themed Coloring pages for Kids

India Themed Coloring pages

Independence Day is a public holiday in India where the country marks and celebrates the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950. This replaced the Government of India Act of 1935 as the governing document of India, thus turning the nation into a Republic separate from British Raj. It’s a day to celebrate the tricolor with liberty, beauty in diversity, unity in differences, and the brotherhood of the largest democracy in the world.

How is Republic Day celebrated in India? 

The main Republic Day celebration is held in the national capital, New Delhi, at the Rajpath(officially named ‘Kartavya Path’), before the President of India. On this day, ceremonious parades take place at the Rajpath, which are performed as a tribute to India; its unity in diversity, and its rich cultural heritage.

What is the theme for the Republic Day celebration in 2023?

The central government has proposed three themes for the 2023 Republic Day Parade tableaux, which are India@75, International Year of Millets, and Nari Shakti.

What are some of the Indian Independence Day & Republic Day Activities for Children?

  • Attend a Flag Hoisting. Republic Day celebrations are incomplete without hoisting the tricolor.
  • Help Organise Plays or Skits on the theme of freedom struggle. 
  • Set up an Indian Themed Dance and Song Competition – It’s the perfect day to sing some patriotic songs. Also a chance to showcase our various dance forms. 
  • Participate in a Fancy Dress Competition – Play dress-up as famous freedom fighters Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh,  Jawaharlal Nehru, or even Rani Laxmibai.
  • Watch Patriotic MoviesGandhi (1982), Roja (1992), Border (1997), Rang de Basanti (2006), Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013), Dangal (2016), Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019) are some family favorites. 
  • Buy Books – 32 Amazing Children’s Books about India’s Independence to Read Right Now.
  • Take Your Kid for a Historical Walk – A heritage walk is a wonderful tool to explore the unexplored and neglected richness of the country. Each city has its own specific ones – Go on a food trial, or learn the history of bygone eras. 

Here we have some very easy activities that even kids can do!! These independence day activities are for kids with some assistance from Mom, Dad, or an older sibling, so that even a young child can get into the spirit of Independence Day!

Country study – Printable India Cut & Paste Fact sheet & Flip Book

Let’s join in the enthusiasm of the Indian people too, with an India Mini Country Fact Book that compliments some gorgeous crafts listed below

India Fact Book

Free for all paid members in January, grab this printable booklet from our January 2023 Bundle 

Need some last-minute ideas for India’s INDEPENDENCE Day Celebrations at your home, apartment, or school?  We have everything you need!


70 Craft Ideas for kids to celebrate Indias Independence Day



India Flag Crafts | Tricolour Craft | Independence Day Art and craft

The Indian Flag is a horizontal rectangular tricolor with equally sized deep saffron at the top, white in the middle, and India green at the bottom. In the center is a navy blue wheel with twenty-four spokes, known as the Ashoka Chakra. The flag is based on the Swaraj flag designed by Pingali Venkayya

Click on the links below for instructions and more pictures!

 | Independence Day Crafts To Make And Do | Independence day India Crafts DIY card Age5 7 Age3 5

Make a tricolor thumbprint bookmark 

– A small cardstock & acrylic colors are all you need to make this cute India Flag colored bookmark

50 Ideas for India Independence Day or Independence Day party - flag with pulses

Make the Indian Flag out of Pulses –

A spin-off on the India flag. Make an Indian Flag craft using pulses and glue to stick. Draw the Indian Flag on a piece of paper, then apply glue. Ask your child to add pulses according to the Flag colors. Green Moong, Red masoor dal, White Urad Dal and Rajma for the Pole

India Republic day

Make an Indian Flag Paper Fan

These make great Indian Independence / Independence Day Decorating Ideas or handheld fans for kids. Idea via RedtedArt.

50 Ideas for India Independence Day or Independence Day party - Flag coaster

Make a Tricolor Craft stick India Flag coaster –

Paint some Icecream Sticks in Orange, White & Green. Using Glue, secure them to make a Tea Light Holder.

Make a Rolled paper Indian Flag | Indian Independence Day / Independence Day decoration ideas

Take part in your society’s Flag hoisting by making your own rolled paper flags. First, begin with a sheet of white rectangular paper. Fold the paper in quarters. Then open up the paper so you have four sections. Cut off one of the sections. Next, roll up from the other end of the paper as shown below which will become the flag pole. Use a piece of tape or glue to secure rolled paper from unrolling.  Once it is taped it is ready to be painted or colored with markers or crayons as the kids wish.

Paper bunding irish

Paper Fan Bunting for Indian Independence Day / Independence Day Class Decoration

Make these lovely Indian Independence Day / Independence Day Decoration Tri-Color Paper Fan Bunting – Idea via RedTedArt!


Make a Hand Print Indian Flag –

Hand painting, face painting is very popular. You should only use non-toxic, child-safe paints.

India-Flag-Rangoli - 50 Ideas for India Independence Day or Independence Day party

Make an Indian Flag rangoli

India Independence Day Air Show Collage Craft

India Independence Day Air Show Collage Craft - 50+ Ideas for India Independence Day Party, August 15th - craft, Books, recipes & national symbol craft - Tiger, lotus, mango, banyan tree, peacock crafts

IMG 5754

Make an Indian Flag with Multiple Hand Prints –

After making this Handprint India Flag. We read the book ‘Exploring India’ on MeMeTales by Maya Bisineer and Jane Marshall. In the book, a little girl Priya travels to India and learns about the country, languages, food, and a lot more!


picmonkey collage

India-themed toddler activities for Independence Day! (with FREE printables) –

The first tray was an introduction to our tri-color national flag, along with some geographical study. I created a little Asia continent printable with India on it. We also studied the phonic sound “I” of India. studied about famous freedom fighters of India along with some special national attributes. Idea via Mummadiaries.com


50 Ideas for India Independence Day or Independence Day party - crayon shaving flag

India flag made with crayon shavings 

– Use crayon shavings to make your flag card.


Kids Patriotic Craft – India Bunting ~ Putti’s World -kids-activities –

India Bunting, a Kids Patriotic Craft to create a cheap, yet festive decoration for India’s Independence Day on 26th January or India Independence Day holiday on 15th August. Coffee filters are inexpensive and so fun to color. Since they are very thin and super absorbent, you could layer a couple while coloring.

Throw an India Independence Day themed Party at home  –

Putti’s amma shares some fabulous tips on how to throw a fabulous one.

India Independence day crafts | India Independence Day Crafts | Independence day PipeCleaner Crafts Paper Crafts India Crafts Craft Classes Age5 7 Age3 5

Make a Tricolour icecream stick flag & pipe cleaner bracelets, 

– Lolly stick flags, and Pipecleaner bracelets in tricolors are a MUST for any India theme party



INDIAN Independence Day / Independence Day CROWN/HAT using paper plate  –

make a Fun crown using paper plates


Make an Indian flag tracing it with an Indian coin. 

– Learn about Indian currency & its designs.

 | Celebrating India more crafts | Independence day India Crafts Age7 10 Age5 7 Age3 5 Age2 3

Tricolour wall decoration 

– More tricolour room decor ideas


Make a Rolled paper tricolor bracelet  –

Love the idea to make your own rolled paper bracelets

Fullscreen capture 872020 53422 PM

Make a tricolor decoration flower 

This papercraft is easy to cut and assemble and looks really pretty as a classroom decoration. Check the video for the step-by-step instructions. Some more ideas are below. 

Independence day Craft 1 Independence day Craft 2 Independence day Craft 3 Independence day Craft 4


Tricolor Paper Quilling ideas for Indias Independence Day

Tricolor Paper Quilling ideas for India’s Independence Day / Independence Day

Check out our post 10+ Tricolor Paper Quilling ideas for India’s Independence Day – Tricolor cards, flowers, and earrings all using paper strips.



We the Children of India – The Preamble to our Constitution

50 Ideas for India Independence Day or Independence Day party - book

As part of the history of India, we learn about post-independence history, and that includes learning about the constitution – one that came into effect on 26th January 1950, when independent India became a republic.

Leila Seth, a former judge of the Supreme Court, has come up with this fabulous book that simplifies these ideas without talking down to children and also makes them interesting enough to stick. Told in verse form, with a large dollop of humor, this is the perfect book to talk about India’s constitution, for all ages above 5 years. Adults, too.


Indian National Symbol crafts

National symbols of India depict the country’s image and have been chosen very carefully.

  • The national animal, the tiger symbolizes power;
  • the national flower, the lotus symbolizes purity;
  • the national tree, the banyan tree symbolizes immortality,
  • the national bird, the peacock symbolizes elegance,
  • and the national fruit, mango symbolizes the tropical climate of India.
  • Similarly, our national song and national anthem were a source of inspiration during the freedom struggle.
  • The national emblem of India depicts four lions standing back to back, symbolizing power, courage, pride, and confidence.
  • Hockey was at its peak when it was adopted as the national game of India.

Here are some Indian Symbol Crafts to make with kids

National symbols | Artsy Craftsy Jan2010 Vote now! |

Make Indian National symbols using handprints

IndianSymbolBookmarks | Indian National Symbol bookmarks Entry by Remya Gautam | India Crafts Age7 10 Age5 7 Age3 5

Make these cute bookmarks using cardstock & markers.

National Bird of India – Peacock Crafts

The Indian peacock is designated as the national bird of India. A bird indigenous to the subcontinent, the peacock represents the unity of vivid colors and finds references in Indian culture. On February 1, 1963, The Government of India decided to make the Peacock the national bird of India.

Paper Peacock Craft 3

Make a coffee filter peacock


Make a Handprint peacock

Peacock craft | Pipecleaner Feather Peacock Craft | Independence day India Crafts Googly Eyes Glitter crafts foam Birds Age5 7

 Make a pipe-cleaner peacock craft 


Paint peacock feathers on glasses for that added oomph to your Independence Day Party


Make a quilled peacock 

wall hanging. Super easy to make and looks so pretty.


Make a Gorgeous Classroom Display with Tri-Color Peacocks.

Paper Plate Finger Print Peacock


Younger kids can make this paper plate version of Peacock. The Best part is these stand on their own and can also be used as table decorations.


National Animal of India – Tiger Crafts

Strength, agility, and power are the basic aspect of the tiger. The Bengal Tiger was declared as the national animal of India in April 1973, with the initiation of Project Tiger, to protect the tigers in India. Prior to this, the lion was the national animal of India.


Make a T for Tiger Craft using our Printable Template that's perfect for learning about Endangered Animals unit, jungle, safari, zoo theme or the Letter T

Printable Paper Tiger Crown for Kids – Print, color, cut out, and wear

This summer, engage the kids in some fun pretend play with these adorable printable animal crowns - just print, cut, stick and you're all set to play!

Raawwwrrrr! Bring out your inner beast and terrorize the village with this realistic-looking tiger headband!



Make a Tiger craft using free printables

via Learn Create Love. Print, cut and paint 🙂

50 Ideas for India Republic Day or Independence Day party- tiger

This DIY Heart tiger craft is super fun too. Explore shapes and animals.


Make a Foam cup Tiger 

– Use a paper Cup or Foam Cup and paint it to resemble a Tiger. Growl.

IMG 0236

Make a paper plate tiger 


Make a paper bag tiger puppet 



National Flower of India – Lotus Crafts

Lotus which symbolizes spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge, and illumination is the National flower of India. It is a sacred flower and occupies a unique position in the art and mythology of ancient India and has been an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial.

India Independence Day Special Crafts - Learn to make an adorable Paper Peacock and Crepe Paper Lotus - The National Bird and flower of India with Kids. 

Create a Crepe paper Lotus Craft 


dsc03097 1

Make a paper Lotus  


Recycle empty bottles to make this lotus craft

Mothers Day Lotus Flower Pop Up Card pink

Make a Lotus Popup card 

National Fruit of India – Mango Crafts

The National Fruit of India: Mangoes are native to India and thus truly Indian. Since time immemorial, mangoes have been cultivated in India. In ancient times as well, the deliciousness of mangoes has been defined by many renowned poets. The great Mughal emperor Akbar had planted about 1,00,000 mango trees in Lakhi Bagh in Darbhanga.


Make a mango paper hat 

India Flag and National Symbols

Make a mango fruit paper collage.


Make a watercolor mango bunting

National Tree of India – Banyan Tree Crafts

Quilled Banyan Tree Craft

The Banyan tree represents eternal life, because of its ever-expanding branches. The country’s unity is symbolized by the tree’s huge structure and its deep roots. The tree is also known as Kalpavriksha, which means ‘wish fulfilling tree’.The Banyan tree is called so because Banyan tree has immense medicinal properties and is associated with longevity. The Banyan tree also gives shelter to many different kinds of animals and birds, which represent India and its people from different races, religions, and castes.


Make this exquisite banyan tree craft using quilled paper 

Indian Tricolor Party Food – Independence day / Independence Day Party Food Ideas


Make a Tri-Color Sundae – Mango, Tender Coconut & Thandai





Skewer some Carrot/ Red Capsicum, paneer & Green Capsicum


Make a Tricolour Pasta Salad


What do you think of this collection? Do you have more ideas to share? I’d love to feature them on the blog & on my FB page.

50+ Ideas for India Independence Day Party, August 15th - craft, Books, recipes & national symbol craft - Tiger, lotus, mango, banyan tree, peacock crafts

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