A Gleam of Sunshine in my home

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I love sunshine.. Love to wake up to feel the early morning rays streaming into my room. and love lazy afternoons cooled by shades. When we moved into our new house recently, I was greeted by empty walls n scattered furniture. Something was missing. Yes. Curtains!!  Moving into a new home can be difficult. As kids we shifted quite frequently. As a matter of fact I have not stayed in a single house for than 3 years.  Each time we moved what was consistent were my mother’s sheer curtains..  at each home we would go buy new curtains and put them up. I think I fell in love with curtains right then.


Decorative curtains and drapes add elegance and sophistication to any home and are an affordable and easy way of transforming a room from drab to fabulous. When it’s time to spruce up a room, nothing does it like new curtains.  The material used to make curtains also comes in a wide variety of quality. From elaborate drapes with a light sheer to complement their design to the simple curtain that is installed on a flat rod, curtains add a dimension to a room that can be achieved no other way.


In addition to the beauty curtains and drapes offer, they add substantial insulation value, especially when lined or used in conjunction with blinds or shades.
It’s a proven fact that curtains add a feeling of warmth and comfort to every room. Curtains not only beautify the room but also add coziness. You can use curtain just about anywhere in your home – in the living room


.. in the dining room,


in the bedroom,


 and even on your canopy bed.


For a romantic setting, extra long decorative curtains or drapes should be used and should puddle the floor.  In the kitchen, curtains that touch the sill or fall to the bottom of the window trim are ideal.  A den or family room looks sophisticated with drapes or curtains that reach the floor.  If the curtains fall short of the floor and end at the top of the floor moldings, it will look awkward.

Sheer curtain panels have grown to become very popular in recent times. These light weight and attractive to look curtain panels have been a classic design around the world for years. When these sheer curtain panels are used alone, they create a warming effect in your light bearing windows. The major advantage of using sheer curtain panels is that they can be easily combined with other types of fabric window treatments. This combination provides versatility and helps you create a unique look and atmosphere in your home.

During the summer, you want to let that beautiful morning glow come in, but not too bright or too early.Fresh colors, sheer curtains, and a flowering plant bring the tranquility of the garden indoors


This gorgeous girls dragonfly sheer curtain is ideal in giving a girls bedroom  additional privacy. Don’t you just love the color and pattern?


When it comes to windows, not all of them produce the same amount of lighting and this will affect the type of drapes that you use. Drapes that are heavy can block out a lot of light and this works well in a bedroom, especially bedrooms that offer amazing views of the sunrise. Sheer drapes are excellent for sun rooms that don’t need a lot of privacy. Sheers provide a light airy feel that work wonderfully in many spaces. When you know the amount of light coming through the window, you can plan accordingly. I also love these designs from saffron marigold


 and the patterned ones from terrysfabric ..


 The silk sheers & fresh feel curtaind from macy’s




With so many options to choose from what are you waiting for?? Go add that gleam of sunshine into your home now.

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  1. I absolutely love the long white billowy curtains in the bedroom. I think you’re right, they would allow just the right amount of morning light to seep into the bedroom.

    Are’nt they gorgeous!! The patterned sheer curtains diffuse light. They work best in India. How abt where u live?

  2. The pics are awesome. My husband and I are not too fond of sunlight streaming in. So we bought some thick ones in maroons and greens. Whenever the weather’s good, I bunch them up and hold them in the centre with a fancy bangle 🙂

    Maroon and green sound interesting 🙂 Share the pics! Actually u can go for the 2 layered variety. where the inner section is the sheer curtain and the outer curtains are thick and can be bunched together all the time. In houses that have transparent window panes, sheer curtains are really handy.

    1. For the bedroom, I hv gt thick ones in dark shades too! I use light coloured transparent ones in b/w the living n dining area!

      Awesome suggestions there Shruthi!

      Send me some pics! 🙂

  3. Hi DD

    Thanx for your wishes for the exhibition.loved your post on kids room and really admired the paintings you have done.
    good going!!

    Thanks sangitha for dropping by 🙂 . Guys do visit sajavat.blogspot.com . some really cool ideas there.