A letter to the tooth fairy

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So it finally happened .. Lil P lost her first tooth today.. Unfortunately she swallowed it too! Came back from office to meet an excited Lil p .. Showing off her proud gap. Its the lower one. I didn’t know if I should be happy or freaked out that she swallowed it.. It was anyway 5 hrs too late so i’ve decided to wait it out.
  Here’s the toothless grin
IMG 8276

 She also made this card entirely on her own for the tooth fairy, since the actual tooth was missing.

 The front cover
IMG 8268
 The back


And the letter 😀
IMG 8272



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  1. Awww too cute. I would have freaked that she swallowed it. But you’re right, since she seems no worse for it, all is well. So what did you get her?