A weekend trip to kalasa, Chickmagalur

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Lil P was not in town + a long weekend = opportunity not to be missed. So when friends suggested that we go for a trip we jumped at the idea! and Chickmagalur  trip happened! .. 3 families, one kid, 2 cars left bangalore at 4.30 AM .. We had breakfast at hassan and reached our first destination Belur at 10.30.. Thats when we saw a small deviation to doddagaddavali (1Km before belur), a village popular for the 12th century Lakshmi Devi temple ..

doddagaddavali belur
Lakshmidevi temple of Doddagaddavalli is noteworthy and interesting for many reasons.

First of all its settings. The temple is built on the side of a large pond. In fact as you reach Doddagaddavalli, the sprawling lake appears on your left much before you enter the village.
Secondly, though it is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka, the Lakshmidevi temple is in an amazingly well preserved condition.Thirdly, the shrines contain both Vaishnava and Shaiva deities, namely Lakshmi, Siva, Vishnu and Kali. By now the other car had well overtaken us and had reached belur..

Amazing amazing architecture .. and the eye for detail. The 48 Shilabalike, the 438 Elephants, 32 corner temple, the deepa stumba, the mohini avatar Vishnu Idol, the fashion parade, the stories from mahabharata all had us spell bound. The guide got us so engrossed in the history and architechture that we did not realize it was already 12.30!!
From here we started towards our resort which was another 2 hour drive. The place was soooooo scenic!! Endless hills, green fields, waterfalls & rivulets at every bend.. acres and acres of tea & coffeee plantations.
silent valley cottages

The cottage in itself was quite sparse [ Just a bed, a TV and the bathroom] but the pool, the food , the service was excellent and made up for all the other shortcomings.

Some of the fun things we did over the 2 days that we stayed there- Had an early morning trek to a view point nearby, visited kalasa temple & hornadu temple, Checked the iron ore silt deposits at kudremukh, Lakhya dam, watched the sunset from Duggapana Katte, Tea estates, somawathi falls, went swinging on the hanging bridge…

Tea estate kalasa chickmagalur
 This was the 3rd time after our marriage that we had gone for a picnic without Lil P ..[the 1st was our honeymoon]. It is tough being parents all the time, its not like we don’t enjoy going out with Lil P, but somewhere along the way u need constant reminders abt what joy it is to be just husband and wife! This was one. It was refreshing to just drive without worrying abt Lil P getting motion sickness, to eat at any roadside place without worrying abt Lil  P asking for the food and then having an allergic reaction.. Well u get my point! We’ve enjoyed it .. holding hands.. cuddling up.. sleeping in late.. reading a novel.. in all
‘A Perfect Holiday!!’
Leaving you guys with a fav pic of mine… enjoy!

More pics here and here

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  1. Wow wow n wow! Luved the last pic 🙂 My fav too 🙂

    N u hv hd a blast dear 🙂 One awesome vacation that ws 😉 Got lotz of lovey-dovey time 😉 😉

    Doddagaddavalli – Gotta visit that place! Sounds really interesting!

    Luved every bit of the post – the sculptures, the greenery, the resort – wonderful!

    Did u visit Halebeedu too?

    Cheers to more such time as just Miya-Biwi 😀 Njaay maadi 🙂

  2. Last pic looks straight out of some sort of travel guide..paradise sorts!

    Everyone’s going on vacation.. makes me also desperate for one 🙁

    awesome post..perfect vacation..looks like you found just the right time & right place to unwind , no strings attached.

  3. we did not go to halebidu.. nor white water rafting.. too many things.. too less time! plus resort was a good 9 hr drive from blore.. 🙂

  4. @Lostworld.. ohh don’t despair, I’ll call u next time we go.. Lil P will love it 🙂

    @EC : No way!! No guilt trip this time!! 🙂

  5. Great pictures Shruti. Looks like you guys had real fun. You are very right, every couple need to take a break from being a prent once in while, to refresh the relationship !!

  6. What a lovely holiday….our last one like that was about 3.5 years ago! Absolutely stunning and beautiful pictures Shruti..:)

  7. The last pic is truly breathtaking 🙂
    And ahem, you need to ahem take more such trips ahem ahem. 😛
    Lil P must be having a whale of a time at her grandparents?

  8. Hey Shruti Hi 🙂
    My very first time here!!
    Loved your blog…its damn catchy!!
    I loved the last picture a lot!!How sweet!!

    Nice shruti!

  9. @Sands 🙂 ya it was fun.. will plan for 1 such trip every year!
    @AJ: ya it was a consious decision to forget the mother in me!!
    @Dil Se: I’m a hyper mom.. n then hubby’s job keeps him away from home till late in the night.. so this was a refreshing change more so bcos there was no network coverage too!!! Yipee!
    @TPL : Ohhh it was beautiful!! just after the rains.. every where we saw it was green.
    @Sole : Tough when u have small kids 🙂 … n u are working and away from India too! (((hugs)))) Wishing that u get to have a holiday very soon.
    @Meira: Ahem Ahem… a lil exercise won’t hurt 😉 .. Lil P is ENJOOOOOOOYING!! Mom was telling me that I complain a lot n Lil P is no trouble at all 🙂 So both of us are happy.

  10. @Shruti.. Hey! I had dropped in from lostworld’s blog. Welcome here. Thanks for the ‘catchy’ phrase .. no 1s said that b4 🙂 .. Me likes! .. I loved ur logo sanskrit Shr & samarkan uti… How did u design that??

  11. Hey, am happy to see you bearing my name 🙂
    Too happy to describe!!
    Am blog-rolling me..errr…you (same name confusion :P)