Being Fashion Forward When Kids Grow Up Too Fast!

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Kids grow so fast, don’t they? One minute they have no teeth, no hair and no appetite for anything but milk and the next thing you know, you have a tween at home!

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It seems like just yesterday Miss P was wearing that sweet satin 1st birthday frock and suddenly she’s already too tall for jeans I bought her in the spring.

Now, if you are familiar with this “growing phase”, you may have noticed that when kids grow, they leave a trail of outgrown clothes behind. Lots of them.


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She is outgrowing clothing so fast it’s hard to keep up. We recently bought a gorgeous flowy gown for her birthday 3 months back for 1400Rs and she isn’t fitting into it anymore. She wore it ONCE!!! Oh, how my heart pains.

And don’t get me started on shoes! We outgrew the 3rd pair this single school year. Then she needs to have different functional clothes for everyday wear, for parties, and for play.

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Since Miss P is my only girl, I’ve spent a small fortune on her clothes and, year after year, they are beautiful. Her wardrobe is better (and bigger) than mine. We hardly buy any fancy clothes for her except one for Diwali and one for her birthday, but it’s the everyday clothes that we run out of very very fast.

Take the below shirt and pant for example. The T-shirt became too tight and the ankle length pants became knee length.

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She is only 10 years old, yet her closet is filled with a size 13-14. This isn’t because she is really big for her age. She is not. Rather, it’s because buying and outfitting Miss P, one in too big clothes is one way I’ve been trying to cut down the cost of buying new clothes.

This trick was okay until last year. Now that she is grown up and conscious about the way she looks, ill-fitting clothes just don’t cut it anymore.

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Shopping for children’s clothing is still one of the most adorable activities out there for moms & grandmoms –however, there are a few questions I always ask myself before buying another pretty frock at the register:

  • “Is it worth the price I’m paying for it, especially if my child will only be wearing it for a few months?”
  • “Does my child really need yet another dress?” and …
  • “How absolutely adorable will she look in this!!”

There is a huge demand for affordable fashion for young kids – right sizes for all sizes.  Clothes that are trendy, fashionable, fit well and don’t cost a bomb. I always feel like I have hit the Jackpot when I find them.

Now, with big brands really listening to us moms, we no longer have to worry about our children outgrowing their clothes too fast! And no matter how many clothes we buy for them, it seems like they forever need more.

With the best of kids fashion available at really affordable rates starting at Rs. 99, I am letting Miss P discover her sense of style this summer.  Watch out this space as we go shopping for summer clothes this week.

Do your children outgrow their clothes really fast too? How do you keep up? Do you have any tips for me?


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