And we have our first burn

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Sigh.. Diwali can get so unpredictable. One min Lil p was jumping with joy, holding a sparkler and the next moment she is screaming in pain.. She burnt her forefinger (slightly) trying to hold the sparkler at the wrong end once it got over. Double sigh. Couple of things I’m thankful for
1. That it was not a serious burn. She was howling in pain and guess it scared her more than anything…. But she slept well.
2. There was water handy and some quick thinking parents applied toothpaste!! surprise surprise it cooled the area and the blister was minimized.
3. Its her right hand that got singed and she is a lefty.

We applied Burnol in the night and she was alright. But be safe people… Do keep water handy and ur eyes open. Kids forget all that u have told them about safety in the excitement..

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  1. Awww hugs to little P..would you believe it if I told you,my sister got a burn EVERY year for the first 5-6 years of her life..RIGHT under the watchful eyes of my parents!
    Thanks for the tooth-paste tip!

  2. Latest Update: Lil p’s finger has healed completely.. The finger had turned Purple and then yellow n now is pink.. .. She is fully recovered.
    Thanks for the concern 🙂