Animal crafts – Entry for AC-March.

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 Non blogger entries #1 

Butterfly Mobile





Step 1: Cut pattern papers(color n texture of ur choice) into butterfly shape and fan fold it. Prepare atleast 4-5 butterflies.

Step 2: Take craft wire and make body of butterfly by beading 7-8 beads in ascending order (colors of ur choice)
Step 3: Attach the body to the centre of the butterfly wings wth help of wire
Step 4: Tie one end of a string to the antennae of the butterfly and other to the punched paper plate (coloured n decorated wth lace)

           Similarly hang other butterflies also.Your butterfly mobile is ready to adorn ur kids room 🙂



entry #2 – Birdie 
DSC 0672
Saravjit used Fevicryl acrylic color and fevicryl glitter to paint this little birdie that she picked up from Dastakar 2012.


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