Artsy-Craftsy July & Sept Winners

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I’m surprised I haven’t announced the 
 Here we go …
The 1st Prize goes to 
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 1
#1Spin Art with paper plate, cd and a lid…
from Puttis’ Prapancha
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 4
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 5
And the winners of Artsy-Craftsy- Sept – Flower Power are 
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 2
#59. Priya  – Lotus flower
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 3
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 6

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  1. Hey Shruti,

    You have a great space out here. I was a crafts freak but gave up on it all after having twins. Looking at your blogs, I realized how much I missed them. I tried your thumb and hand print arts with my 3 year olds. We all had a great time. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    I have posted some pics of the outcome here:

    Will bookmark a few more for more from here and try out with kids!


  2. @ OM : Its on 🙂
    @Creativemama: Which was ur fav?
    @Swaram: Thanks 🙂 I’m actually running out of ideas
    @Dr Sonia: Congratulations on winning this 🙂
    @Seema: Thank you so much for sharing the link 🙂 made my day.. Do try out others and let me know if u guys enjoyed it as well 🙂

  3. Congratulations to all winners. Iam glad Iam one among them. Best wishes to all creative artists on this platform.

  4. Congrats to all the winners! Thank you Shruti for featuring our magnetic pom flowers!