Artsy-Craftsy July & Sept Winners

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I’m surprised I haven’t announced the 
 Here we go …
The 1st Prize goes to 
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 1
#1Spin Art with paper plate, cd and a lid…
from Puttis’ Prapancha
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 4
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 5
And the winners of Artsy-Craftsy- Sept – Flower Power are 
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 2
#59. Priya  – Lotus flower
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 3
Copy+of+artsy craftsy user choice 6

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  1. Hey Shruti,

    You have a great space out here. I was a crafts freak but gave up on it all after having twins. Looking at your blogs, I realized how much I missed them. I tried your thumb and hand print arts with my 3 year olds. We all had a great time. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    I have posted some pics of the outcome here:

    Will bookmark a few more for more from here and try out with kids!


  2. @ OM : Its on 🙂
    @Creativemama: Which was ur fav?
    @Swaram: Thanks 🙂 I’m actually running out of ideas
    @Dr Sonia: Congratulations on winning this 🙂
    @Seema: Thank you so much for sharing the link 🙂 made my day.. Do try out others and let me know if u guys enjoyed it as well 🙂

  3. Congratulations to all winners. Iam glad Iam one among them. Best wishes to all creative artists on this platform.