Artsy-Craftsy-June 2010

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The theme for this month is  “Block Printing”.  You can make ur own stamps from vegetables, fruits and leaves. You can also use readymade stamp sets/ foam stampers.. basically anything that u can stamp with. You can also use stencils & sponge. The catch is, you should have a theme. Use the stamping technique (block printing) to make cards, paintings that u can frame, on Tshirts and to make wrapping paper. Think out of the box. If you have any doubt, Please mail me and I’d be happy to help you with it.


  1. Stick to the theme for the month.
  2. Previously submitted entries cannot be resubmitted
  3. Last date for sending your nomination is 22nd of June, 2010.
  4. If you have a blog, add the above image in a post with a link to this page or add the artsy-craftsy pic in your sidebar [ HTML code below]. You don’t need to be a follower.
  5. If you don’t have a blog, mail me the pics at mymindfulmeanderings[at]gmail[dot]com. Add copyright info, age of the child & steps on how you made the craft.
  6. Leave a comment with a link to ur post on this page.
  7. Resize the pics that you send / upload to a max of 1024×768.
  8. Each pic should have a watermark to your blog or atleast your (or ur child’s name) in case you don’t have a blog. Use paintbrush / picasa to add text at the right bottom. A readble fontsize should be fine.
  9. Each pic should have the age of the child. If its an adult who is making it, please put age- Adult(Suitable for a kid aged X to make) . It makes it easier to judge. Use paintbrush / picasa to add text at the right bottom.
  10. Wherever possible, please provide details on how you made the crafts. Links to another site which has the instructions is also fine.
  11. I absolutely don’t like putting up pics of any child on my blog. Any entry henceforth that has a child’s face / pic will be sent back for blurring. You can however send it with the face blurred.  Use gaussian blur / simply use paint brush to cover the face.
  12. The winner will be chosen based on how easy yet stunning the end result looks and will be announced on the last day of the month.
  13. The entry has to be child-friendly and age appropriate for kids aged 1 to 10. Keep it simple.
  14. You can have more than 1 entry .. and increase your chances at winning.
  15. This challenge is open for all kids, ladies, gents, moms, dads , followers, lurkers… everyone.

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Artsy-Craftsy Challenge

Go on get artsy-craftsy 🙂

PS: I’d love it if u could link this page at your blog so that your friends get to know. Spread the word around.  🙂

I had some of you mail me with your doubts and i thought I should answer them here so that everyone is benefitted.
1. What do u mean by previously submitted entries??
I mean Previously submitted entries for the artsy craftsy. In case u have made crafts way back in 2007 but have not submitted to artsy-craftsy, they are still eligible. You will need to link it to this page though.

2.we do not have to create the stamps right? we can use store-brought stamps and use them creatively – more like a stamping project
Yes. You can use store bought products also.

3. theme reflection what? Okie my understanding is if we do a birthday card you want birthday themed prints stamped? Or is it something else totally. Also if I have more than 1 entry do all entries need to have the same theme?
A theme as in I don’t want entries with just potato stamps all over the page. If u are using okra prints, make a flower pot. A complete picture with the vase. I would love card ideas..You can have multiple entries. Each should be a complete picture 🙂 something that can be used .if u are making wrapping paper … then wrap something and show how its been used. 

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  1. Nice idea. I have to hand it to you. You have an excellent way of engaging the kids and the parents.

  2. Interesting! I am putting on my thinking hat to think outside the box. But I have a question – mostly about the theme. Will email you!

  3. @swaram: Sorry i couldn’t really help much.
    @shilpa: Cool. waiting for ur entry.
    @EC: Welcome here. 🙂
    @swaram: Thank you.
    @Pooh: I’m going to put up all ur questins in the theme box.
    @Trish: yay!!
    @ambulisamma: Cool.
    @SG: 🙂 Thank you.
    @Deepa: Yes Yes! u can take part too.

  4. oh oh …

    just yest, my roomie was saying we could use brocolli stalks to make good patterns … damn .. i threw them off ….

    have never taken part .. can i if possible ?

  5. What a coincidence Shruti! We’ve been doing Block printing the whole of last week! I hope those papers are intact!!

  6. Quick Question
    Stencils are also considered a part of this? Does it include store-brought/readymade stencils also?

  7. P & I had gr8 fun doing this. One of my fav crafts, coz its not 2 tuf! P ofc had his opinion n what to do & how to do things, I let him have his way 🙂 By the time he grows up, I might even lose my controlling streak completely 😉 I thot v might have an entry worth submitting this time. but hubby’s diplomatic+subdued reaction made me change my mind 🙂