Artsy-Craftsy May 2010

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The theme for this month is the “Thermocol”.  This includes crafts made with thermocol balls, thermocol sheet, thermocol cups, thermocol plates.. basically anything thermocol. Cut it, paint it, stack it and have fun with it.
Tips: To paint on thermocol, mix 1/2 fevicol & 1/2 paint.
Check point 2.


  1. Stick to the theme for the month.
  2. Previously submitted entries cannot be resubmitted
  3. Last date for sending your nominations is 20th of May, 2010.
  4. Add the above image in a post with a link to this page or add the artsy-crafsty pic in your sidebar [ HTML code below]. You don’t need to be a follower. But don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to ur post on this page.
  5. Resize the pics that you send / upload to a max of 1024×768.
  6. Each pic should have a watermark to your blog or atleast your (or ur child’s name) in case you don’t have a blog. Use paintbrush / picasa to add text at the right bottom. A readble fontsize should be fine.
  7. Each pic should have the age of the child. If its an adult who is making it, please put age- Adult(Suitable for a kid aged X to make) . It makes it easier to judge. Use paintbrush / picasa to add text at the right bottom.
  8. Wherever possible, please provide details on how you made the crafts. Links to another site which has the instructions is also fine.
  9. I absolutely don’t like putting up pics of any child on my blog. Any entry henceforth that has a child’s face / pic will be sent back for blurring. You can however send it with the face blurred.  Use gaussian blur / simply use paint brush to cover the face.
  10. Based on the age, there will be 3 categories. Ages 0 – 4, 4 – 7 & 7 – 10.
  11. The winner will be chosen based on how easy yet stunning the end result looks and will be announced on the last day of the month.
  12. The entry has to be child-friendly and age appropriate for kids aged 1 to 10. Keep it simple.
  13. You can have more than 1 entry .. and increase your chances at winning.
  14. This challenge is open for all kids, ladies, gents, moms, dads , followers, lurkers… everyone.


Artsy-Craftsy Challenge

Go on get artsy-craftsy 🙂

Also the 200th post giveaway is on. All you have to do is leave a comment and stand a chance to win surprise gifts. Check the sidebar for more details.

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  1. sounds interesting… will surely try out something… now if only i had participated and paid more attention during the ganpati pandal and decoration… i wouldve know how to use thermocol..

  2. Lovely!!!
    Little A just did a thermocol craft last week…
    Now I have to think of more ideas to send them all in…

    Good one Shruthi

  3. Oh, I just threw away some of that material 🙁
    Pattu likes this one… off we go now

  4. I think this should be easy, but am not able to think up anything instantly 🙂
    Can i submit the one that i made for Ammu’s ‘show n tell’?

  5. @swapna: great.will upload soon.
    @Smita:great. waiting to see ur craft n thanks for linking it up.
    @pooh : u can use styrofoam
    @momo’s ma:LOL. no need for fancy stuff . u can try simple crafts.just google.
    @swapna: great .. send it 1 by 1.
    @chandrika: most participants aren’t children either. u can try too.
    @swaram: finally. link it up soon

  6. @abha: won’t force u to try 🙂
    @shalini. thanks for the lovely write up. congrats again.
    @lostworld:u submitting?
    @pria: yup submit ammu’s show n tell. n take ur time to think of stuff.

  7. Hi Shruti, My name and the kid’s age category is there in the bottom of the pic. Should I add anything else ?