Artsy-Craftsy-Sept-2010 Winners

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artsy craftsy User choice
Roopa for ganesha-decorations who got 19 Votes. Congrats.
as promised,  you also win one of my handmade satin flowers
in addition to the one sponsored by vinitha
You all know that Vinitha is the sponsor for this month. Here’s what she has to say –
Artsy-Craftsy family,
It was a great pleasure to sponsor this month’s prizes. I am sure, like me you get excited at the 1st of each month and look forward to making something simple and fun. September’s theme – Celebrations and Decorations did bring out the hidden artists in every one of you. I really enjoyed looking at all your creations. If I had it my way all of you would be winners and you all deserve a pat on your backs for making your celebration more fun the homemade way.
I made these decisions based on the what fits my crafting style (the simplest stuff which create the maximum impact). There many more contenders but I could pick only 3. I also chose not to rank the winners as I took the easy way out. Congrats EC, PCS and Shankari!
I look forward to the October Artsy-Craftsy and Shruti thanks for filling our lives with arts and crafts”
Thanks Vinitha, It was a pleasure having you on board. Hoping to see many many crafts from you for the future artsy-craftsy(s). Since I only have badges that go 1,2, 3 I took the liberty of ordering the crafts. Here goes –


artsy craftsy1


artsy craftsy2


artsy craftsy3
Congratulations winners. I think I already have your addresses and will forward the same to Vinitha.
And Vinitha, please reveal the surprise prizes soon.
I only know its something handmade so till she does a post on the same, guesses anyone???

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