Artsy-Craftsy Results Jan 2010

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The much awaited results are out!!!
The user choice award .
We got a total of 72 votes πŸ™‚ and the winner got 26 votes!
Join me in congratulating Anoushka (deepazartz) for  30. The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs.
artsy craftsy user choice
You won yourself this lovely badge for your blog & “Wonderful watercolor art” book from scholastic publications. Please mail me ur address asap.
Now for the section,
 Paintings by kids
Nominees are:
1. Fingerprint Picture frame

3. Thumbprint Grapes & lady bird
4. Thumbprint Seascape
5. The hand print crow
6. The thumbprint cacti
7. The Thumbprint Koel
8. The handprint giraffee
9. The thumbprint frog pond
11. The handpainted lady bird
12. The thumbprint caterpillar
15. The fingerprint alphabet A craft
17. The watermelon
19. The thumbprint greeting cards
20 .The fingerprint bugs
22. India’s national symbols
23. The handprint fishes ( underwater theme)
26. The thumbprint lion, family & birds in a nest.
27. Thumbprint People
28. Thumbprint mirror image
29. Fingerprint Flowers
30. The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs

artsy craftsy1
Join me in congratulating Anoushka (deepazartz) again for  her entry 30. The fingerprint flowerpot & bugs. You’ve won a badge, a handmade card and a ‘Fun with thumbprints’ book from scholastic publications.
artsy craftsy2
Join me in congratulating Smita Srivastava from littlefoodjunction for her entry 23 The handprint fishes. You’ve won this lovely badge for your blog, a handmade card and a ‘Fun with thumbprints’ book from scholastic publications.


artsy craftsy3
The third prize goes to Div (Starry) for her entry  9. The thumbprint frog pond . Congratulations. Mail me your postal address please. You’ve won this lovely badge for your blog, a handmade card and a ‘Fun with thumbprints’ book from scholastic publications.


Paintings by adults for kids


Nominees are
2. Fingerprint Ganapati
10. The handpainted pickle jar

13. The thumbprint chicken family
14. The fingerprint bird – devyani
16. The fingerprint snails
18. The fingerprint crocodile
21. The ladybugs on a cup
24. The singing birds on a cup
25. Thumbprint Christmas card

artsy craftsy1


The 1st prize goes to Shalini chandak from craftsisland for 2. Fingerprint Ganapati . Congratulations. Please mail me your postal address please. You’ve won this lovely badge for your blog, a handmade card and a ‘Fun with thumbprints’ book from scholastic publications.
There is a special prize for ThePrintLover for being the only non-mommie to participate. You rock! I will be sending u a simple card painted by Lil P πŸ™‚
Phew! This was tough. Each and every entry is a winner!! A big round of applause for all the lil kiddies and mommies for sending their entries in. I have already got postal addresses of few participants. Others, what are you waiting for??? Each one of you get a book from the Thumb Thumb series by Tulika publications.
[You can choose which book you want from the series. This will be on first-come-first basis only. ]
Before you sign off, there is a new poll in the sidebar. Do give your suggestions for the February’s artsy-craftsy. Have fun.

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  1. Oh thanks!!! Pretty surprised, that was our very first mom-n-kids art project…this is encouraging me to do this every week…you have no clue how much that helps us around here πŸ˜€

    Will mail you!

  2. Congrats to all the winners as well as the participants!

    Big kudos to MM for conducting a first ever contest of this sort! Look forward to see more of this kind soon πŸ™‚

  3. Yippeeee…congrats to all thw winners…L’tl A(anoushka-my daughter), Smitha, Div, Shalini and TPL.

    Thanks a ton, Shruti for this wonderful venture.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Wow..that was one great event! Congrats to the winners!! And especially to Shruti πŸ™‚

    So..whats the theme for this month?

  5. Congrats to all the participants for such lovely creations. And a big round of applause to Shruti for hosting this wonderful contest .

    I have linked ur blog to Little Food Junction ,do sneak a peek wen fre.
    And a very warm thanks to jury n the voters for liking my daughter’s creation.

    – Smita
    ( Nandika’s mom )

  6. Congrats to all the winners :)and participants..:)I know our craft sessions are more frequent now.
    Heyyyyyy Shruti,
    Thanks for organising this contest and pulling it thru beautifully.sending you my address.

  7. congrats to all winners!! and everyone who participated! awesome stuff! πŸ˜€

    and i have brought my colours! waiting for time and space to start doing something with cub soon!