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Tell me a little about your Venture?

Stitched2Save9 upcycles old fabric into something useful. Mainly into grocery bags but also make totes, yoga mat bags, tripod bags and water dispenser covers. The venture is an environment commitment to make available affordable, trendy, sturdy grocery bags so that dependency on plastic bags can reduce and at the same time reuse and upcycle old fabric
Tell me something about the person behind the venture? 
An ecologist working part time on civic and environmental issues in Bangalore. Thoroughly enjoy working with my hands – cut, paste, bind, saw, sew …. it’s relaxing and seeing the end product in whatever shape is very satisfying. I have a belief that every individual has a social and environmental commitment, my environmental commitment is to make cloth bags that are affordable, make it easily available and create awareness that one cloth bag can reduce many plastic bags that one sees in the garbage piles in the city and its outskirts. This is my way of making me count.
What made you start this venture? and When? 
The dependency on plastic bags will reduce only when there is an affordable accessible alternative. Making grocery bags is very simple and now it is an option for a lot of people. This venture began in September 2012.  

Where do you ship to?  – Within India only / International?
The products are shipped within India  

Contact Details
Name – Stitched2Save9

Email ID – [email protected]

What would you be gifting our readers 

 A cream & green yoga mat bag

Rules of the giveaway 

  1.  Like pages Stitched2Save9 & ArtsyCraftsyMom on facebook if not already done
  2.  Leave a comment here telling me which is your favourite item from Stitched2Save9
  3. You get an additional comment each time you share this post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Terms & Conditions 

  1. The giveaway is open till 31st July. 
  2. Winners will be announced in August, 2013 and will be chosen by lucky draw
  3. Open to anyone with an Indian shipping address. 

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  1. Oh I loved that yoga looks so sleek and lovely 🙂 What a wonderful venture..people are so so talented in this!

  2. Am strongly ‘anti-plastic’ and always carry my own bags….so this is a super like giveaway for me. My pick did be the ‘Fold and Tuck away’ bag…very practical!! The snake and ladder one is too pretty!!

  3. Loved the yellow checkered bag featured in one of the photographs at their FB page. Would love to win this yoga mat bag!

  4. Loved it and shared the fb page with my friends. Very nice initiative by stitched2save9, I liked all of them and would choose bolster bag.