Surprise Wall Makeover with Asian Paints Kids World

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“The sea lives in every one of us.” -Wyland

I am blessed to call Kumta and the beaches up and down the languid coast our seaside summer home. My in-laws have a beautiful home that overlooks the beach and it was natural for Miss P to fall in love with the ocean too. Our fondest memories come complete with sandy feet and chasing crabs along the beach.  I can still feel the sticky dry sand, wavy salty hair and the feeling of total happiness as I watched her run along the beach. I wanted to recreate a place for my daughter in Bangalore that felt exactly like that.

So when Asian Paints approached me to explore their latest theme from the KIDS’ WORLD COLLECTION, it was the perfect opportunity for me!

Mission: Give Miss P’s bedroom a surprise new makeover

Duration: A week of hush-hush planning & execution

Results: Pretty damn good.

Over a few email exchanges looking at all their themes, I fell in love with the Queen Of The Seas – A fun, bright and funky mermaid theme that was perfect for my sea princess.

Surprise Wall Makeover with Asian Paints Kids World - we surprised our ocean crazy daughter with a brand new Queen of the Seas theme wall. Read our story.

Day 1– I called up the Asian Paint guys and confirmed the theme.

Day 2- We decided to have only one wall painted and I sent them rough measurements of the wall.

Day 3, when Miss P was at school, the painters came home with the theme book and explained the theme to me. This particular theme had 3 mermaids, a seahorse, dolphins & a treasure chest and the best part? When it’s night, the ‘Glow-in-the-Dark’ paints make the mermaids glow. I was so excited; I couldn’t wait for them to start. They took all the measurements and left for the day.

Day 4, 5 – Trying to contain my enthusiasm, we hatched a plan to have the painters come in on a weekend so that both (me & my husband) would be at home. Miss P was still clueless about this. We spoke to our family friends (whose daughter also happens to be Miss P’s best friend) about our plan and arranged for Miss P to have a sleepover at their home. The stage was set.

Day 6 – First half – We dropped Miss P at her friend’s home at 9 AM. The electrician came at 9.30 and disconnected the TV from the centre of the wall. The 2 painters came at 10 AM. The walls were wiped clean of all the dirt and the imperfections covered up with white cement. Then came the base coats of Sea Green & Sunny Yellow and a lunch break for the wall to dry.

Second half – The painters started the rocks and the smaller accents – Little mermaids, the dolphin, the sea shells, the bubbles, and the seaweed. Since they are stencils, I guided them as to where I wanted them placed. The centre of the wall would house the TV so we worked the elements around that space. I loved how easy it was to customize and rearrange. The glow in the dark figures was the last to be painted. And our gorgeous wall was ready by 8.30 PM. Day 7 – The big reveal to Miss P. The wall had dried overnight and had a wonderful glow to it. Miss P came home all excited about her sleepover and then saw her wall. The next half hour we were subjected to excited shrieks, cartwheels & hugs. All her stuffed ocean animals were introduced to their new home and we had to hear all her imaginative stories around the theme. We ended the day on a perfect note. We invited her friends for an impromptu ocean party. They watched the Little Mermaid, ate fish shaped crackers, popcorn and blue coloured drinks. 

A love of the ocean inspired the perfect theme for our 9-year-old girl’s room. Walls painted in shades to mimic sea blues pop against the Green Blue bunk bed and desk.

Mission accomplished.

Surprise Wall Makeover with Asian Paints Kids World - we surprised our ocean crazy daughter with a brand new Queen of the Seas theme wall. Read our story.

You can surprise your kids too. The new range of Asian Paints Kids World art has lots of themes. From the Fairy Dust, Flying Kick, Music Theme to Travel Trails, every theme creates an entertaining new world for your little one. And when it’s night, the ‘Glow-in-the-Dark’ paints used in the themes will keep your child mesmerised.

To win a free makeover, go to Asian paint’s site

  1. Pick a theme from the Kids’ World Collection
  2. Imagine: What’s the story that your little one sees in the theme?
  3. Submit your little genius’s story
  4. The winning entry gets A Free Kid’s Room Makeover

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  1. This looks so awesome…. How much did the project cost?
    My native is Udipi, and i was born & brought up at Mumbai. Sea has been a part of me all my life and my daughter’s too. This will be perfect for her too.