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Hello! Welcome to Book Worm Fridays at Mindful Meanderings.


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I am Vinitha from Poohsden and this week, I am going to share with you a couple of books I read with my 2.5 year daughter – kuttyma.

At the ripe age of 2.5 years kuttyma is a bundle of energy and a sponge ready to soak in every word uttered. She likes to be independent and gets frustrated easily. She loves to talk to her toys and to sing. She loves books and she loves books with pictures and touch-and-feel effects but also wants words to point to when she pretend reads. It is a fascinating age to say the least.
Did I mention she loves books? We often visit the library and let her pick her own books. Penguins have always fascinated me and I was super thrilled when kuttyma picked up a penguin book. I found another penguin book in the preschool section and added it to our basket. Here are the reviews of the two books we read.

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The first book is the Usborne touchy-feely book – Penguins ideal for kids 12 months – 36 months. It is an easy book for any toddler to fall in love with. The book has simple facts about penguins which will appeal to toddlers Kuttyma ended up picking up some basic penguin facts and has been more than happy to share them with anyone who would bother to listen.


Simple words – the right amount of touch and feel and cute penguins – what is not there to love?


We also picked up a little advanced “Little Penguins” from the Life Cycles of Australian Animals series by Greg Pyers. This book is for advanced readers – 4+ years old. It talks about the penguin species found in Philip Island in Australia. Some of the basic facts picked up from the first book are explained more clearly here. Ideal for a kid project/learning session. I was quite disappointed by the quality of pictures in this book. I was expecting spectacular pictures and the book offered grainy and blurry photos (it was a 2011 edition and not a 1990’s edition)


Yes, after learning that you can watch a penguin parade in Australia – kuttyma wants to go there – I hope we can do that someday.

And to build on the theme – we visited the zoo and saw the penguins.

We followed it up with a simple craft – paper plate penguin – doesn’t he look cute?


Kuttyma helped with the pasting and loves holding the penguin and practicing her waddle.



My little penguin

If you are looking for further penguin craft ideas or inspirations, I suggest you check out my Pinterest board. I have a collection of some super-cute and easy stuff for kids and adults of all ages there
Happy Reading and Crafting!

Thanks for having us over Shruti and do stop by Poohsden for more toddler crafts and book reviews.

P.S: I picked up both the books from the Singapore public library and have received no compensation for the reviews. All views and opinions expressed are solely mine.

Thank you Vinitha for sharing kuttyma’s favorite books with us and that pininterest is soooo tempting 🙂 
Isn’t this a great start? Who wants to be next??  If you would also like to be a part of the Book Worm Fridays, drop me an email now.

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