Book Worm Fridays – Valentine’s day

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Since valentine’s day is just round the corner, we have a lovely book feature and crafts related to the same theme..Over to  Esther  —

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Book: Valentine Surpriseir?t=creati045c 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001QXC4O0

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This story is of a little girl, Lily who wants to make a perfect heart-shaped valentine for her mommy. She tries to cut hearts on each day of the week but each day the heart she cuts out has a problem either too pointy, square, skiny.. etc. When the holiday arrives, she tapes all the hearts and gives it to her mommy saying “none of the hearts is perfect.” and her delighted Mommy says “That doesn’t matter. The heart inside you is.” It’s a cute little book teaching days of the week and the spirit of Valentine. CJ loves the book and the little girl, lily. While I was reading the bedtime story, CJ asked “Mommy can you read ‘Lily’s Valentine'”. I had forgotten the name of the little girl and I was wandering which book. Then she reminded “Mommy the book where the little girl tries to make perfect valentine”

Craft: CJ wanted to make a surprise valentine for her Daddy. So for the craft we made heart cards with empty tissue boxes



IMG 4976




IMG 4997

Have you noticed all the pretty designs on the tissue boxes? Now a days I’m so specific in selecting the tissue boxes based on the design and pattern in the boxes. Generally I flatten out the box and store the cardboard for later use. They can be used as scrapbook paper

Materials Used:

Empty Tissue boxes with pretty designs
Child Safe Scissors
Construction paper
Glue Stick
Pony Beads/Glitters/Buttons

Steps Overview:

CJ loved this fun project. Cutting and gluing:-)

The heart craft can be made,any way your kid wants. It’s just a sneak peak of what we did! you can personalize as per your wish

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