7 Books to prepare children for a New Sibling

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You’re expecting another child and, understandably anxious about how your older child will adjust to the new baby. It’s never too early to start preparing them for what’s to come. An easy place to start is with books . Some titles tackle the subject of jealousy, others explain pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care in a way that young children can understand.

Whether they are excited about their new role as big sister or brother, or carefully hiding their toys away from curious baby hands—there is a book out there that will help your child adjust to sharing the spotlight.

7 Books to prepare children for a New Sibling

Whether they are excited about their new role as big sister or brother, or carefully hiding their toys away from curious baby hands—there is a book out there that will help your child adjust to sharing the spotlight.


 The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby

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Berenstein Bears is one of our favourite titles and this one is a rather cute book. The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby tells how Small Bear (later renamed as Brother Bear) got a new, larger bed–-very useful, since Sister Bear was soon to be born, and could use his old bed. The focus in this book is less on the pregnancy part and more about Brother Bear outgrowing his bed just in time for Sister Bear to appear. Recommended for any family expecting a new addition.

I’m a Big Sister/I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole.

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A must-have book in this category and popular across all related book lists, the I’m a Big Sister/I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole are apt because each one is tailored to the gender of your older child so that you can choose a book that is the most suitable. Told from the perspective of the older brother/sister this book makes the elder sibling feel special because the book explains to them that they are a big boy/ girl and also lets them know that they can help mommy and daddy with the baby. This book tells what all a new baby can’t do yet (ex. new babies can’t talk, walk, play with toys yet, and can’t eat pizza or apples or ice cream). Then the book goes on to tell what babies can do (ex. Babies like to drink milk and sleep, and sometimes look at the elder brother/ sister !).


There’s A House Inside My Mummy

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There’s a house inside my Mummy
Where my little brother grows,
or maybe it’s my little sister
No-one really knows.
Sometimes me and mummy
Like to cuddle on our own
And I tell him that I love him
Through her tummy telephone


A gentle and tender story of a little boy waiting for his little brother to arrive. Told with humour and a simple rhyming text, this is the perfect picture book for all expectant brothers and sisters! In this book, a little boy tells us about his baby brother, who is not yet born. He refers to his mother’s tummy as a house where the baby is growing.The depiction of pregnancy through a toddler’s eyes is lovely, and the book deals with typical scenarios such as the expectant mother being exhausted, feeling sick and having cravings



Don’t Eat the Baby

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Though Tom is not very fond of his baby brother Nathaniel (who he calls Blob), he gets very perturbed whenever a visitor or adult meets Nathaniel and comments that they’d like to nibble, bite, eat or otherwise nosh on him and Tom wonders if he’s next

His protective instincts come to the fore and yes he loves Blob after all..!

This is a clever humorous picture book with charming illustrations


My Sister is an Alien

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Alfie is crazy about space. His favourite things are 1. aliens, 2. rockets, 3. the moon – in that exact order. When his new sister comes along, he notices that she looks a bit funny, she talks funny and sometimes she smells and he realizes . . .  she MUST BE AN ALIEN! Spirited Alfie takes baby sister ‘home’ to the moon, but when its time to come back, Alfie feels sad to leave his sister, so they both set off back to his home.  Would she mind living on Earth with him for a little longer? Ruby says ‘Goo!’ Now Ruby is the first of Alfie’s favourite things.

Though quirky and witty, this book is apt for an older sibling who’s still coming to terms with the new baby in the house. The gorgeous illustrations are an icing on the cake.


 Bringing Asha Home

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One of the few India-centric books that is on my wish list for some time now, Bringing Asha Home is a beautiful adoption story from a brother’s point of view. Arun’s best friend has a baby sister and he wants one too..He soon finds out his parents are set to adopt a little girl from India…The plot primarily talks about a family’s long wait to bring Asha home against the backdrop of Rakhi festival.

Lots of warmth, honesty, and touching emotions, this is one book I am looking forward to purchase soon.



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