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Ever since we bought our DSLR, Lil p has claimed ownership of the “little” camera – Our Sony 14 MP point and shoot. Normally I wouldn’t have given her such a costly equipment as a toy, but Lil P is very careful with it. I’m not sure if you allow your kids to handle costly equipment.. (Hubby is not too happy about it) but I am OK with it. Of course, I supervise and there are a lot of basic ground rules set. I guess its got a lot to do with your kid’s temperament.

So when Lil P decided to stay with my mom’s for her summer holidays, I left the camera with her. Basically Lil p wanted to take pics of her toys, the gardens she went to etc etc as a memory keepsake to come back and show it to me. Here are some of the pics she clicked all by herself.

Its from a recent marriage that Lil p attended


In clockwise order

  1. The Haldi ceremony – The bride and the family being covered with haldi [ Turmeric] as a cleansing ritual.. 
  2. The Mehendi – Gorgeous mehendi design on the bride’s hands
  3. The materials for the puja (On the day of the haldi)
  4. The Sugar craft … Household kitchen items carved & moulded in hardened sugar syrup
  5. The Lovely Lovely bride.. my cousin 
  6. Set of dolls kept for display depicting a south Indian Kannada marriage.

Do you let your kids handle costly camera equipment? or you buy customised kid -proof stuff for them?

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  1. @Simran – I did crop the images but the idea is hers. I usually set it to easy mode or full auto. She now knows to switch it on / off. Focus, & zoom in & out.
    @Deborah – I know.. She is liking it a lot.
    and thansk for the tweet 🙂
    @swaram – I think she has her dad’s eyes for photography.. I Bwas quite surprised when I saw them too.
    @shama – these are the good ones. She clicked about a hundred.. But that’s exactly what i love about digital cameras 🙂

  2. Very nice pictures 🙂

    I let my kids handle our cameras (and pretty much all other gadgets/stuff we own). I believe that if you teach a child the right techniques they will take responsibility – I use real tools in my carpentry workshops for kids too.

    The older one handles the DSR more than us in fact, little one sticks to the point-and-shoot (probably because its lighter!)

  3. Wow! she is good..but honestly, I dont give such expensive stuff to R…I think she needs to be a just a bit more older before I would try giving it in her hands 🙂

  4. Wow! Looks like she already has some talent in picking the subjects and the angle – especially that sakkare acchu and dolls’ pictures are very well taken.

  5. She did such an amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures from the wedding ceremony. Beautiful! 🙂

  6. frankly speaking I don’t give expensive stuff to my lil one that often but yes i do it once a while so that she gets the hang of it and becomes a little more responsible and like u say with many ground rules. Ur lilP has an amazing eye for things- way to go

  7. what wonderful photos. I love the mehendi hands. I am considering getting my son a kids digital camera (comes in a rubber case) because he keeps trying to use my DSLR (eeek!)

  8. @TheMonko – Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I know what you mean! I;m so glad i have a point and shoot at home.
    @The Iowa Farmer’s Wife – The sony cybershot is an amazing camera .. Esp in auto mode, the pics come out gorgeous. Ofcourse a lot of the shots came out blurred too. I just chose the good ones for the post.
    @priya: We don’t either.. but it started off as a way to keep her distracted when we were taking pics. Luckily we had the PnP that we were not using.
    @Gina: 🙂 Thanks. The kids these days pick up so fast on technology, its amzing to watch them go,
    RS: Its got more to do with the camera I think.. Plus my mom was most probably guiding her on what to click. Shez just 5.5 after all.
    R’s mom: Oh absolutely.. LiL P was allowed to use the camera independently only after she turned 5. A mom knows best.
    @Chox: 🙂 I see a lot of gyaan in what you say.. Hubby just freaks out when i let her use my camera.. sometimes DSLR too.

  9. Such a great little photographer. 🙂 My son wanted to use my camera, but he’s not very careful with things yet (only 2), so we go him a kid camera. It doesn’t take great pictures, but it’s good for practicing. We’ll let him use a better camera when he’s ready for it.

  10. What lovely pics your little one has clicked.. My girlies have little digital cameras for themselves.. And bcoz its theirs.. they take good care of it.. they even charge it and remind me to download their pics.. 🙂