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Celebrations at home….
Me: Today is Diwali
Lil P : Deebali??
Me: Diwali baby.. We will put new-new dress, do puja, put candles (diya), eat lots of sweets..
Lil P : Ohhh happy budday?? we will get cake, put color-color (ribbons) also
Me: No no .. its Diwali. No Cake.. only sweets.
Lil P : My want cake only !!! My don’t like Diwali ( this time she got it right!)
Later, Lil P dressed in an anarkali suit.. wishing everyone ‘Happy Diwali’.. the neighbour’s dog was also not spared!! We did laxmi puja,  put up the kandil, painted the thermocol diyas and put them up along the corridor. Lit the oil diyas.. Distributed sweets.. and once PC was back from office lit the crackers also .. ( No sound.. only light show ) …
Summarized in Lil p’s words..
“Today diwali.. My telling all ‘happy diwali’. C baby did not tell.  S’s mummy gave Lil P sweets .. My put (R)angoli also.. color color peacock, color color painting candles(diyas). All light. Lakmi (laxmi) is bappa jai jai.. gampati (ganesha) like laddo, lakmi holding lotus in hand. give coin to lil P. My like crackers also. Mummy happy, pappa happy, my very happy also..”
Happy Diwali every one!!

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  1. cute… cuter!
    Nice colorful peacock too. The conversation is as usual at its best 🙂 Happy diwali to you too (wishing for the nth time)

  2. @Mohan 🙂 Diwali is like that. Hope u had a blast too!
    @AJ: It was fun 🙂
    @Swaram: I’m amazed at what all she speaks these days.
    @Expressionsunbound: Thanks.. and welcome here 🙂
    @Pixie: Happy diwali to you too!
    @Priyanks: happy diwali.. Ash looks sooo cute in that yellow langa.. Ya i hate the loud sound making crackers too!!

  3. @sands: Thanks.. I’m trying to do a few things that I enjoyed before Lil p as born… just to keep my sanity intact! 🙂
    @indianhomemaker: 🙂 Thank you.
    @SG: Yup it was good. I love Diwali. This time we could not visit any relatives as Lil P was sick.
    @Meira: 🙂 Thanks.

  4. @sharon: Thanks for the wishes 🙂 Lil p was sick thro diwali.. but shes better now! Congrats on key bunch’s 1st anniv!