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We have a small children’s play area in our apartment. Just a couple of swings, slides, the spring ducks & a merry go round. Next to a small grass lawn. Most kids come down to play. I usually pick up lil P around 6.30pm from the day care and by then it’s too late to take her to the park. On some days that I reach early I make it a point to interact with most kids in the block. Now there are kids of different temperaments there. Some kids like Lil P n her friend Shlok are very soft by nature. They don’t like being pushed around. or getting dirty. Some kids are downright rude and bossy. Some are too excited when they see a younger kid around and want to pet, hug and hold. I usually have an eye on Lil P whenever she’s outside the house.. Most times I don’t interfere unless she starts fighting, crying or might hurt herself.

Now there are these 2 girls (twins) and a boy.. All aged around 7 years about whom I’m really concerned. One, they are really rude. Most times pushing the small kids, fighting, kicking with each other, and using abusive languages. Second, they have lately started pulling at each other’s skirts, shorts, shirts revealing a lot more than what kids their age shud be. .. and I find that really disgusting. The girls’ mother is never around to monitor. Once during their play session of falling on top of each other. n pulling off skirts n pants.. I scolded them and threatened to complain to their mother. The kids, walked away at that. But one of the mothers said. They are small. What will they understand? Its just child’s play.

I’m not sure.. I don’t think one should wait till girls or boys mature to tell them abt what is right behavior n what is wrong. It shud be told to them in bits n pieces rt from maybe when they are 2.. I try to tell Lil p (in the form of stories) .. Don’t go with strangers.. Don’t eat chocolates without asking my permission.. Don’t take off ur clothes in public.. n she understands a few things. In this age when u can’t trust even school bus drivers isn’t it necessary to tell ur kid what is the right and what is wrong.. Maybe I’m over protective. Maybe I’m seeing too much into that episode, but to me the kids’ play did not look like child’s play at all. I did let the mother know abt the behavior in the park.. The boy’s mother started monitoring. But there was no change in the girls’ behavior. The mother is not too fond of me either. But I can’t just be a bystander. I try not to differentiate between my child and another’s child.

How would you have reacted??

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  1. Well, some parents just don’t want to listen when we say something abt their children 🙁 Wonder if its the ego problem! One guy in our apartment hd pushed my cousin so hard once that she ws hurt! It all happened in a jiffy and his Mom told us we were nt looking after our kid properly and her son ws a child too! He ws much older than everyone there!

    Well, all I feel is that its our duty to let them know! Whether they accept it or not, I think they wud give it a thought later!

  2. Hi, I think you did the right thing of correcting those kids right in the middle of their action. You are not being over protective also, the sad reality of today is that we mothers have to educate our kids of all sorts of danger.
    Don’t bother about the lady (twin’s mom) … she will learn her lesson when it’s her time.
    For now, just trust in yourself and do what your heart says..
    BTW: I love all the craft work you do with Lil P. I chanced upon your blog through….mmm..hmmm I forgot !! But you are in my reader list …so keep writing !!

  3. @Neelum: I just hope the mom realizes before its too late to correct the kids. Hmm.. Thanks for ur encouraging words.. i sure am going to tell the kids if i see them misbehaving again.
    n oh I have to upload a lot of new craft items we both did 2 weeks back.. camera has gone kaput!

    @Swaram: I know.. this mom is one such kind too.. I hope they do take it seriously. For the kids sake if not anything else.

  4. I am also a concerned mom and I always monitor my kids. My younger daughter is 7 and at that age a lot of boys become rowdy. They pull up the girls’ skirts and say a lot of bad words. The mothers do not seem overly concerned.
    I think you did the right thing. I would have done the same thing.

  5. but of course you did the right thing. Though some parents will never understand and we can simply pray for their children! but the fact that some people just might listen and realize what they’re missing!

  6. You did the right thing,Shruti!! As a mom to a toddler, I can totally relate to your concerns and fears. With everythign we see and hear around us, it is very important to teach the kids right fdrom start what is right and what is not.
    I tell even my 3 year old boy what is right for him and what is not, what he should not be doing. And you know what, kids do have curiousity, but then it’s up to the parents how they handle and answer their kids curious questions.
    So, don’t beat yourself up. You did the very right thing. For my kid’s sake, I don’t mind picking any sorts of fights or conflicts 🙂

  7. You did the right thing.
    Those people will only understand when their kids give them the blow!

    This reminded me of an incident. I locked my room door to get ready to go outside and when I opened the door, I found my cousin bro (who was in second or third standard then) peeping through the key hole!!!
    I was so furious and scolded him. Even informed his parents. And guess what his dad did, instead of scolding his son, he just laughed it off and asked him what he saw!! The boy started describing and added masala and a hell lot of lies to it!!! Eeeeewww!!

  8. @meira: sad reality of life 🙁
    @Swati: ((hugs)). Thanks.
    @Dil se: yes! times are bad..
    @EC : Ewwwww.. what a sticky situation!! .. n I can’t believe the dad’s reaction!! crazy parents.


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