Chitra Santhe 2013

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‘Chitra Santhe’, the annual event of the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat that draws artists from all over the country to showcase their works was held on Kumara Krupa Road on 27th January. Every year, I get so inspired that I vow to have my stall there one day… One day for sure! This year too, I checked with my bloggie pals if they’d like to join in. So Me, Preethi , Monika & her friend Chitra teamed up to go visit.. We reached around 11.40 Am and there was a big crowd. There were a mix of very very good artists and some not so great stalls.. Here are a few of my fav pics.. Since we had to leave early, we didn’t click too many pics. 
Chitra santhe 2013 5330


Chitra santhe 2013 5335


Chitra santhe 2013 5337


Chitra santhe 2013 5348


Chitra santhe 2013 5338


Chitra santhe 2013 5342


Chitra santhe 2013 5354


Chitra santhe 2013 a
We also picked up some super cute miniature pots and some lovely scarves … 
Did you get a chance to visit? What did you like? Not like?? Did you pick up anything?

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  1. Awesome stuff!!
    have never been there.. maybe next year..

    Best wishes to you Shruti.. for your stall at Chitra Santhe!! Am sure it will happen 🙂