Paper Plate Aquarium Fish Diorama

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Create a miniature underwater world with a paper plate and colorful paper, adding puffed rice to the bottom for a textured touch on this paper plate aquarium.

This time Lil P wanted an underwater scene. I had lots of ideas.. but then I forgot that I was dealing with 4-5 year old and that I had only an hour and a half. I also wanted to keep the painting part to a minimum and have more pasting activities. So we made an

Paper Plate Aquarium Fish Diorama

Under the sea fish diorama

Materials used – 

  1. Large Paper plate
  2. Foam sheet for the fish
  3. Blue & yellow acrylic paint
  4. Markers
  5. Sponge
  6. Foam stickers – Under the sea creatures .. Gifted to me by the awesome sands
  7. Shells
  8. Crepe paper  in green
  9. Glue
  10. Puffed rice
  11. Stars (optional )

Foam Fish craft

Steps –

  1. Color the plate blue using acrylic color blue & a sponge
  2. Cut out a fish shape from the foam. Highlight with a black marker
  3. Paste on the center of the plate.
  4. Add the fish and other sea life that you’d like. We happened to have some ocean-themed foam stickers that we used to decorate our plates, but your child can create some from construction paper shells, sea creatures, puffed rice, green sea moss and stars.
  5. Color the fish in any pattern you like. We used our fingers to dab on the body.

The class as such went great. We had 9 kids this time. Quite a handful. Lil p had invited some friends from her school who came by this one time. I am having a class with a max of 6 kids + Lil p .

Craft Class3+ kids

I cut up two yoga mats for the kids to sit on and bought a large plastic sheet to protect the floor. What I love about the yoga mats are that they are anti-skid and really easy to clean. Plus the kids love them.

Craft Class3

The kids posing with their

creations ..

Craft Class3 Kids

Involve your sea-detective kids with this fun paper plate activity and make your very own aquarium on a paper plate! Teach your curious little ones about life in the deep blue sea once they complete this paper plate craft aquarium activity.

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  1. Buying gifts for you is such fun! just knowing how much you enjoy using them makes the whole effort such a joy 🙂

  2. very cool class. am trying to start one myself in my apt but not receving as good a response as you. **fingers crossed** 🙂 great going , good luck!!!!