Experience Love, Care and Learning at Cubby Tales

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Experience Love, Care and Learning at Cubby Tales, the beautifully designed playschool at Hebbal, Bangalore, with lots of open spaces and greenery!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not much of a party animal and prefer the great indoors! However, I do make exceptions for events that are truly special to me, like the first year anniversary bash of Cubby Tales, two weeks ago. Cubby Tales is a Daycare & Preschool brand currently based out of Bangalore.

Incidentally, I was also a part of their launch party a year ago. Some parties are not to be missed! You’re probably wondering how I am associated with Cubby Tales. Well, the Interior & Decor Partner for Cubby Tales, Preethi Prabhu, also happens to be my close friend.

The launch party last year happened at their Koramangala branch and was a huge hit, but the place was too crowded for me to take a good look inside. However, since their first anniversary celebration was open only to a close circle, Preethi was able to take me around the place, which  was at a different center this time, in Hebbal.

Experience Love, Care and Learning at Cubby Tales

Cubby tales

The first thing that struck me was the absolute positive energy of the place. Paws, the cute panda mascot at Cubby Tales, greets us right at the gate with a smile. The gate opens out to a lovely space surrounded by greens and blessed with lots of sunshine. Even the plants here are smiling at each other!

Cubby tales

Unlike some of the preschools in town, the place is not an explosion of colors. The entire interior scheme is based on a neutral palette with subtle pops of color to prevent monotony. These splashes of colors appear on the wallpaper or on murals, making their presence felt without being overwhelming.

Cubby tales

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Every area is very well thought out and executed. The common play areas indoors have an anti-skid flooring and special care areas have soft flooring of a greater thickness. There is a tiny kitchen on one side, a tunnel on the other and a bunch of other play equipment, but there was also lots of empty space for kids to just be and have fun. There was an absolutely adorable little reading corner that I wished I could go hide in!

Cubby tales

I felt the space worked well for all types of kids, the hyperactive and the reserved ones. It also works well for all ages, including babies. Spaces that are dedicated to infants have foam padding on the walls so a baby can crawl freely without getting hurt.

I saw a pillar in the middle of the play area that was also padded to a height of almost 4 feet. Preethi tells me that even if she ran into it, she wouldn’t get hurt. We are talking about a fully grown woman who weighs about 75 kg bumping into a concrete pillar!!

God is in the Details

I loved how I could find tiny details in terms of design wherever I looked. The classrooms are not overcrowded with color or furniture and every class has a tiny cozy corner with cushions for the kids to lounge upon. I loved the mountain road mural in one of their classrooms with real hot wheels stuck on the wall. Preethi has promised to do a post on how you can DIY it in your own space.

Cubby tales

The outdoors are all about being green with grass and plants and I love that it’s not cramped with play equipment. There was a small bamboo cabin in one hidden corner, which any kid would surely love. I also spotted a mini gym, mini bikes and cars parked very systematically and again lots of free space to run around. I liked the fact that the outdoor play area does not look like a concrete jungle and with lots of plants around, it actually feels like you are out in the wild if you are little person just 3 feet off the ground!

Cubby tales

But my most favorite spot in the whole place has got to be their Infant day care, which is an exclusive club for the youngest kids at Cubby Tales. I am informed that this place is off limits to everyone except the caretakers and a chosen few staff members. I was lucky – they let me in since it was a Sunday, and I got to see this beautiful space. It was big, bright room with a few cribs here and there and everything that a baby Mommy could wish for!

Cubby tales

From mobiles and play gyms for the little babies to play tables and walkers for the older ones, there’s everything a baby needs. Rockers and cribs help the little ones fall asleep, while the entire room is bathed in sunlight and a beautiful view from the large windows.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little tour of Cubby Tales, Hebbal and it left me wishing there was a grown up version of the whole thing! I loved every little detail of the place but if I had to list out the main reasons I was so drawn to it, it would be these:

1. A lot of thought has gone into the design of every area, down to the last detail
2. The outdoor play area doesn’t feel forced or artificial, and is more of a natural setting
3. Everything at Cubby Tales is of the highest quality and follows the requisite safety standards
4. The motto at Cubby Tales is to make “Happy Kids”, because let’s face it – that’s what the world today needs more than anything!

Cubby tales

P.S. Cubby Tales is having a Flashback Mela at their Koramangala center this weekend. There’s going to be all sorts of fun stuff, from kho kho to 7 marbles to candyfloss, and just thinking about this makes me nostalgic about my childhood! The event is on the 9th of September, you can check out their website or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.

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