100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day

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It’s time to have some fun with 100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day! There are mammals, reptiles, birds, insects & more!

We’ve noticed how there are special observance days dedicated to specific animals, like World Lion Day or International Sloth Day. However, did you know that there’s also a day that’s all-encompassing, including all animals? Yes, it’s World Animal Day on 4th October!

The purpose of World Animal Day is to put the focus on animal rights across the world and raise awareness for animal welfare. 

Usually, this day is celebrated in many different ways, including blessing animals at religious places. It’s quite a big deal at schools, where pamphlets are distributed and painting competitions are held. While we can’t have all that this year, we’ve still figured out how you can participate in World Animal Day – by making crafts!

Here is the ultimate list of animal crafts that you can make for World Animal Day, including all kinds of creatures, from reptiles to amphibians, from ocean animals to polar animals. There’s a lot to do, so gather your supplies and let’s get crafting!

100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day

100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day! There are mammals, reptiles, birds, insects & more!

Pets and Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

Sheep Crafts for Kids

Sheep are cute little animals, aren't they? Whether it's spring, Easter or Bakrid, these cute and Creative Sheep Crafts for Kids are just what you need!

One of the first rhymes kids learn is Baa Baa Black Sheep, and that explains the immense popularity of sheep among kids of all ages! Of course, the fact that they’re all soft and woolly also makes them appealing, and you can celebrate these amazing animals with some sheep crafts.

Perfect for Easter, Bakrid, spring and for study lessons on farm animals.

Cow Crafts for Kids

The humble cow gives us so much, which means she needs to be appreciated! Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day on 7th July with these cute cow crafts for kids!

One animal you’re sure to find in any farm across the world is a cow! Most homes in villages even have their own cows and calves, and they get the freshest milk! These cow crafts will help kids learn more about how useful this animal is in our lives. 

Perfect for learning about life on the farm

Pig Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Pig with these pink and playful Pig Crafts for kids! Craft pigs out of paper, cereal boxes, clay pots, rocks and more!

Oink, oink, these pig crafts are super cute and will be a huge hit with fans of Peppa Pig or Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Most of these crafts are super easy and ideal for preschoolers to try.

Perfect for Chinese New Year or for lessons learning about farm animals.

Cat Crafts for Kids

Top 21 Cat Crafts and books for kids

Dogs may be the world’s most popular pet, but cats come in right after that, and we’ve got loads of cat videos as proof! Keep the videos aside for a while, and have fun with crafts an books instead!

Perfect for learning about pets or for Halloween.

Llama Crafts for Kids

Llamas are all the rage now and no wonder; they're so cute! Get in with the trend & celebrate llamas this Alpaca Day with some Lovely Llama Crafts for Kids!

Llamas are another version of camels, and that’s why they’re so easily domesticated! The internet has turned the llama into everyone’s favorite animal, and you can join the trend by making these llama crafts!

Perfect for learning about South America or herbivores.

Rabbit Crafts for Kids

Easter is nearly here, and so is the Easter bunny! Let's celebrate the festive season with some cute Bunny Crafts for Easter, using craft supplies you have!

If you’re stuck at home and aren’t moving much, try hopping like a bunny – it’ll tire you out quickly! Bunnies are quite popular with kids and they’ll enjoy making all of these cute bunny crafts!

Perfect for spring, Easter, and for learning about pets.

Dog Crafts for Kids

Who doesn't love dogs? These easy Dog Crafts for Kids are perfect to celebrate man's best friend, especially since 23rd March is Puppy Day!

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Jungle or Wild Animal Crafts for Kids

Lion Crafts for Kids

Get roaring with these incredibly cute and easy lion crafts for kids! Celebrate these majestic animals in time for World Lion Day on 10th August.

You can’t talk about jungle animals without first mentioning the king of the jungle! Lion King fans will love making and playing with these lion crafts, and they’re quite easy for young kids too.

Perfect for learning about Africa or carnivorous animals.

Cheetah Crafts for Kids

There's no cheating about it - the Cheetah is the fastest animal on land! Celebrate the awesome cheetah with these cheerful cheetah crafts for kids.

Who’s the fastest animal on earth? We’re not cheating with the answer here – you know it already! The cheetah is a truly amazing animal, and you can learn more about it with the help of some simple crafts.

Perfect for learning about the cat family or animals in jungle habitats.

Elephant Crafts for Kids

These incredibly cute elephant crafts for kids are perfect for any occasion. Ranging from the super simple to the challenging, there's something for everyone!

You know that there are elephants in India, but to know how big a deal it is, you need to witness a Ganesh Chathurthi festival! These elephant crafts won’t let you forget about what an incredible animal this is!

Perfect for learning about India and Independence Day.

Giraffe Crafts for Kids

It's World Giraffe Day, which means it's the perfect time to make these giraffe crafts for kids! Learn about this amazing animal by making and playing!

I may be wrong, but I think the movie Madagascar really put giraffes into focus, thanks to Melman! These long necked animals are the world’s tallest animals, and these crafts really celebrate this fact!

Perfect for learning about terrestrial animals, herbivores and animals of Africa.

Hippo Crafts for Kids

It's National Hippo Day on 15th February, and the perfect opportunity to make these Happening Hippo Crafts for Kids! Make bookmarks, snack boxes and more!

While we’re talking about Madagascar, who can forget Gloria, the confident and fiesty hippo? We think hippos are among the world’s most underrated animals, and we’re going to fix that by making some crafts!

Perfect for learning about sub-Saharan Africa and animals that live on land and water.

Panda Bear Crafts for Kids

They're cute and some of them know Kung Fu - our playful panda crafts for kids celebrate the cute and cuddly national animal of China - the panda!

If you’re wondering how awesome the panda is, just check out the official logo of the World Wildlife Fund, and you’ll know! After years of their numbers declining, things are finally improving, and we can celebrate with some panda crafts!

Perfect for learning about the World Wildlife Fund and China.

Hedgehog Crafts for Kids

Hedgehogs aren't exactly huggable, but these hedgehog crafts for kids are too cute for words! Learn about this amazing animal through some simple projects!

Hedgehogs may not be as fast as the Sonic character, but they are super cute! Unless you get pricked by one, of course! If you find these animals intriguing, learn more about them with these hedgehog crafts!

Perfect for Fall or for learning about woodland animals and forest life.

Tiger Crafts for Kids

Get your cubs wild and excited with these terrific Tiger Crafts for Kids! Perfect for International Tiger Day, India's Independence Day and wildlife lessons.

Get your cubs wild and excited with these terrific Tiger Crafts for Kids! Perfect for International Tiger Day, India’s Independence Day and wildlife lessons.

Zebra Crafts for Kids

Let's learn more about our black and white friends with these simple zebra crafts for kids! Perfect for International Zebra Day on 31st Jan!

Let’s learn more about our black and white friends with these simple zebra crafts for kids! Perfect for International Zebra Day on 31st Jan!

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Birds and Tree Animal Crafts for Kids

Monkey Crafts for Kids

The Chinese New Year is about to start and it's the Year of the Monkey in 2016. Celebrate this occasion with some simple Chinese New Year Crafts for kids!

When you think of a playful animal, the first one that comes to mind is the monkey! Most of us have even referred to our kids as little monkeys, jumping from one spot to the other. Now you can have them sit down for a while, with these monkey crafts!

Perfect for Chinese New Year and for learning about arboreal animals.

Sloth Crafts for Kids

Have fun with the adorable sloth by making these super cute sloth crafts for kids! Just in time for International Sloth Day on 20th October!

You may have noticed the sloth becoming quite a trend these days, and maybe it’s because most of us envy the sloth’s slow paced, easy breezy lifestyle! So take some time out for yourself and your kids and get crafting!

Perfect for learning about woodland animals and South American wildlife.

Squirrel Crafts for Kids

You'll find it hard to resist the collective cuteness of these adorable squirrel crafts for kids! Make them with paper, felt, play doh or even an old glove!

Squirrels are so cute you’d want to hold them; unfortunately, they’re pretty fast for you too! You may not be able to catch a real squirrel, but you sure can have fun with squirrel crafts instead!

Perfect for learning about tree animals, animal habitats and the kinds of food animals eat.

Beaver Crafts for Kids

You don't have to live in Canada to make this beaver crafts for kids! Celebrate this adorable animal for International Beaver Day on 7th April.

Celebrated as Canada’s national animal, the beaver is quite an amazing animal, being able to build dams and make its environment suit itself, rather than the other way round! Learn more about this North American rodent with the help of some simple crafts.

Perfect for Canada Day or for learning about North American wildlife.

Bat Crafts for Kids

10 Easy Halloween Bat Crafts for Kids - Bats Art Projects, Toilets Paper Roll Bats, Foam Bats. Hang around the house as October is Bat Appreciation Month

Bats may not be the most popular animals right now, but they’re still an important part of our ecosystem. With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to make some bat crafts!

Perfect for Halloween or for learning about different kinds of mammals.

Turkey Crafts for Kids

Turkeys are going to feature a lot this Thanksgiving with our 20 terrific turkey crafts for kids to make! Make cards, place holders, puppets and much more!

Gobble, gobble – you hear that and you know we’re talking about turkeys! While they’re mostly referred to in terms of how they appear on the dining table, these large birds are quite impressive in themselves, as you can learn while making some crafts.

Perfect for Thanksgiving and for learning about flightless birds.

Peacock Crafts for Kids

peacock crafts for kids

You can’t make bird crafts without including the gorgeous peacock! With a tail that goes to one and a half meters, this is truly one regal creature that makes its appearance around residential areas too. It’s only natural that you’d want to make some crafts that are just as pretty!

Perfect for learning about India, for Independence Day and Republic Day.

Flamingo Crafts for Kids

Love flamingos? Then you'll love these fancy Flamingo Crafts for Kids! Enjoy the explosion of pink with flamingos made from paper, felt, pom poms and more!

Flamingos are everywhere these days – on clothes, accessories, stationery and home decor. Let’s face it, you can’t ignore this bright pink, elegant looking bird anymore! So let’s join in the fun with some pink flamingo crafts.

Perfect for learning about North American and South American wildlife.

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Insects, Reptiles, and Rodents

Rat Crafts for Kids

2020 is the Year of the Rat! So it's only fair that we celebrate the Chinese New Year with some awesome Rat Crafts for Kids!

You wouldn’t want a rat in any corner of your home, but these rats are different! These cute little guys are sure to be welcome anywhere, particularly in your kid’s rooms!

Perfect for Chinese New Year or for learning about rodents.


Snake Crafts for Kids

These Sassy Snake Crafts for Kids show that you can make snakes out of pretty much anything! From paper plates, cardboard tubes, egg cartons, socks & more!

Slimy and slithery, snakes don’t exactly make the best pets, but they are quite intriguing creatures! There are a lot of amazing facts to learn about snakes, which becomes more fun when you do some crafts on the side!

Perfect for learning about reptiles and creatures that live underground.

Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Check out 20 Best Butterfly Crafts for Kids perfect for Spring. Crafts and activities about butterflies for early childhood education classrooms. #butterflycrafts #artsycraftsymom #kidscrafts

Who doesn’t love butterflies? They’re so delicate and pretty and are a symbol of hope – things will get better. These are messages that are more important now than ever before, and these butterfly crafts are great for this purpose.

Perfect for learning about life cycles, insects and for spring.

Bee Crafts for Kids

This World Bee Day, gather whatever you can find and make these cute bee crafts for kids! Clay, egg cartons, toilet rolls or craft sticks - use them all!

Bees always make us feel cheerful, except when they’re too close and you’re at risk of being stung! The role of bees in our ecosystem has become an important topic these days, so let’s do our bit to spread awareness by making and sharing crafts.

Perfect for spring and when learning about insects. 

Ocean Animal Crafts for Kids

Shark Crafts for Kids

Did you know that 14th July is Shark Awareness Day? Celebrate this special creature with some fun and easy shark crafts for kids - even the little ones!

Whether you’ve seen Jaws or not, sharks are certainly scary! But they are impressive creatures too, and I feel there’s a lot we have to learn about them. Kick off your learning journey by reading up on sharks and of course, making crafts!

Perfect for learning about ocean creatures and predators.

Whale Crafts for Kids

With World Whale Day coming up on 15th February, it's the perfect time to learn more about whales with these 10 Wonderful Whale Crafts for Kids!!

Elephants may be the largest mammals on land, but the blue whale is the largest mammal on the planet! As if that wasn’t awesome enough, there are lots of other cool facts to learn about whales. So make some crafts and let’s get ready to learn!

Perfect to learn about mammals and endangered animals.

Octopus Crafts for Kids

Octopuses are awesome, aren't they? Learn all about these creatures with our easy and fun octopus crafts for kids! Perfect for kids of all ages!

Octopuses are such fun creatures, aren’t they? I mean, they’ve got eight arms! What would you do if you had so many arms? Would it be helpful or a hindrance? Ponder on these questions as you make some fun octopus crafts.

Dolphin Crafts for Kids

10 DELIGHTFUL DOLPHIN CRAFTS FOR KIDS- Origami Dolphin, egg carton dolphin, printable dolphin templates and more

Dolphins are probably the friendliest creatures out there, which explains why they’re such big hits at water parks and aquariums. They even have such a fun-sounding squeal! Have fun with your very own dolphins by making these crafts!

Perfect for learning about underwater life and human-animal relationships.

Turtle Crafts for Kids

This summer, have fun with these adorable little creatures by trying out some fun turtle crafts and activities for kids!

Turtles were recently in the news as a huge number of them were discovered on the shores of Odisha in India, as humans retreated inside their homes. Learn more about these shelled wonders with the help of our turtle crafts.

Perfect for learning about reptiles and ocean animals.

Seahorse Craft For Kids

Learn about an amazing sea creature with this paper weaving seahorse craft for kids! Includes multiple techniques of cutting, printing and weaving.

Animal in Cold Regions

31. Polar Bear Crafts for Kids

Aren't polar bears cute? These playful polar bear crafts for kids are perfect to learn about these adorable animals, as well as about Arctic life.

The polar bear isn’t your average teddy bear, and we’re not talking only about color. In fact, that white color is actually reflected off the snow around it! Polar bear numbers are far decreasing since their habitat is decreasing. Let’s educate ourselves about the polar bear by doing some crafts on the side.

Perfect for learning about the Arctic region, endangered species or carnivores.

32. Penguin Crafts for Kids

Who doesn't love penguins? These adorable birds are quite popular among children, and they'll have a lot of fun with these fun penguin crafts for kids!

From the Arctic, we move to the Antarctic, where we find – penguins! These cute little flightless birds are the subject of many movies and cartoons, and they’re quite popular with the kids. Which is why they’ll enjoy making and playing with these crafts.

Perfect for learning about Antarctica, global warming or flightless birds.

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Ebook – A-Z Alphabet Animal Craft eBook + 30 Printable Templates Included

The 26 animal crafts are compiled in one easy-to-read A-Z format. Like all my posts, the ebook has easy step-by-step instructions with plenty of pictures to help make learning simple. The crafts are included with fun tips, a supply list, suggested alternate materials, and a Printable template for each Animal. 

A Z Alphabet Animal Crafts eBook 1

Whew, that’s a lot of crafts! We’ll be updating this list constantly, so be sure to check back.

100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day! There are mammals, reptiles, birds, insects & more!

Now ask your child what his or her favorite animal is, and go ahead and make some fun animal crafts! Bookmark this page so that you can come back to it whenever your child learns about mammals, habitats or anything related to the animal world!

100+ Animal Crafts for Kids to celebrate World Animal Day! There are mammals, reptiles, birds, insects & more!

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