Culminating Day at school

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Lil P’s school had their culminating day last month. This quarter the kids showcased the themes – People at work , Transport, Months, currencies, festivals, date & time. The kids performed a small skit on  – “Tweedledee’s adventure in Time Zone ” –  Follows the adventure of a cute bear in a foreign country exploring the various modes of transport, places of interest – ATM, hospital, and people with different occupations – doctors, policemen, firemen.. etc.. Lil P was the narrator of the story and I was so proud to see her say her long dialogues with such confidence and conviction. Her throat was hoarse because of the fever and sickness post her annual day.
They also sang a few rhymes on the theme…  Wheels on the bus go round n round & Row row row your boat.

My only grouse was that it was on a weekday, just like all the other events this year! So tough on working parents! 🙁

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  1. Ditto your feelings on having it on a workday.. The Husband can rarely make it. But I do love the concept of the culminating activity.
    Is it my imagination or does the girl next to Lil P really look a lot like Lil P? They all look lovely.

  2. @R’s mom – Don’t wish for that! its fun for the kids , no fun for the parents 😉
    @OM – I like it too. This time however it was chaotic because of the back to back viva carnival & annual day. The girl in the mickey mouse costume is Lil P’s best friend. They do get mistaken a lot for each other esp because they both have long hair.