Culmination Day at school

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Lil P’s class had its first culmination day last week. The kids dress up and enact a play based on the English study of their last quarter. Its a way to familiarize the parents with the curriculum taught to them.
1 IMG 0232
The corridors were lined up with the kids art work and their work sheets were kept for the parents to see. 
5 IMG 0238
The day started with a prayer by the kids.. 
2 IMG 0244
Lil p is the girl in blue. 
This was followed by the kids enacting a story “Curious George visits a toy shop” .. Lil P was the Shop owner. We were so proud and surprised that she delivered big big dialogues so effortlessly & with confidence. 
6 IMG 0251
This was followed by the kids talking about community helpers and their work. Lil P was a teacher.. then they spoke about other stuff they had learnt in that quarter..
3 IMG 0274
 Lil P spoke about our 5 sense organs .. 
The kids ended the show with a song “5 little monkeys”   


4 IMG 0268
A fun day won’t you say? Does your kids school have stuff like this? I only wish they kept in on a weekend.

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  1. How nice! My Lil one has to be a community helper too next week and has to say 1-2 lines. Since she is three I am just hoping that she goes through it with a smile, 🙂

  2. @Dr Sonia – Thanks. The kids loved performing.
    @Shama: 🙂 Thank you
    @R’s mom – sahi hai na? These kids all have super confidence!
    @OM – 🙂 We love all of Lil P’s activities in school. As a rule both me & my husband attend without fail.
    @Swapna- She will 🙂 They all look so cute anyway nobody pays attention to the dialogues.
    @Arushi – Thank you 🙂